Re: Character design Posted by mrbumblepants on Sep 06, 2015
It's all sharing thoughts, though. I think we'd all be better off remembering a person's words aren't all that person is, and online we get just a sliver.

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Re: Character design Posted by Gail on Sep 15, 2015
I believe that puppet characters keep changing, maturing, like real people do. You make a change and it goes well, or it does not and you ditch that one.  Sometimes the same bit that worked great for one group falls flat on another.  You adjust and go with what is working.  Eventually you know your character so well you can anticipate how they will react and you think on the fly.  I have been watching my little granddaughter who is two and she is so different than my sons were at this age, we are enjoying her so much.  She is not so rough as the boys were, she cherishes little things like a soft ribbon that my boys would not have given a second look. I can't wait to teach her to sew puppets and create her own characters.
Re: Character design Posted by pagestep007 on Sep 16, 2015
I totally agree Snail.
Re: Character design Posted by DrPuppet on Oct 05, 2015
Na I was thinking about that a lot when I created my last female character. I didn't want her to have large breasts or anything over the top. I wanted her to have a brain. Shes modeled after a 50's style bathing suit add but I thought it was elegantly done opposed to all the others I saw. Much less revealing and more dignified. I chose that to be her outfit since we do start on a beach. But I agree I have different bodies for males and females. I try to be conscious of their differences but when you get in to stock characters it becomes time and money over design sometimes. Its far easier for custom orders. Just my thoughts...

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