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Thanks for the feedback guys! The vocals will need some compression to get the volume more uniform. There are a few lines that I do want another crack at. I was kinda concerned about my high voice, but I agree it sounds like a puppet character voice, and not trying to do an imitation of Chris Cerf.

BTW, sorry to hear you are sick Snail! Hope you feel better soon!
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Snail... I know this thread is about 8 balls of fur, but somewhere in the thread boning was mentioned. I said I would do some experimenting. Well, I did a run of generic puppets in January 2018 and tried out various methods for using PVC strips as boning around the base of the body and  also the shoulders. It really gives a  lot of stiffness to the body where the foams collapse and goes  'flat' after a time of use or storage. I like the results  so far. It is light, cheap, and so far the open body gives a looser feel on  the arm when  manipulating the puppet. I will trial it with puppeteers, and also see how the long term-ness of it works out. The  shoulder 'ring' for a generic is a little overkill and not  that necessary, but the  bottom ring  is great. I will do a video tutorial  when I get around to it and also  see which of the methods of installation is best .
Re: Eight Balls of Fur! Posted by Gail on Feb 05, 2018
Great news another great tutorial coming. I love your quest for perfection on a budget!
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I love your song 8 balls of fur! 
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Thanks Jessi! It was fun to do. I guess I'l post a little update since I have not been back to this thread for a while. I had to kinda stop production on my projects back in December. I got really busy with some personal business...and the holidays, family, the typical drill. Then, I got the flu, was hospitalized, and was out for a month. I'm finally back on my feet and have some time to work on the Eight Balls of Fur project again. As far as that project, I might have to rebuild the furballs. The puppets became kinda big and unwieldy to manipulate with the glove rods, so I might have to scale them back a bit. The big furballs are pretty cool, just not as puppets maybe.
Re: Eight Balls of Fur! Posted by Gail on Feb 15, 2018
Sorry you were ill but glad you are well now. Sorry the furballs need reworking, that often happens, things are different when you start to actually use them. Perfection does not usually happen on first try.
Re: Eight Balls of Fur! Posted by 8BallsofFur on Jun 02, 2018
Hey guys! Hope youre all doing well! I finally had time to get back to working on the furballs, and I've got my first video test! So excited! It was crazy fun to do, and way different puppetry than I'm used to, especially with the green screen stuff. There are still alot of things to work out, like the glowing eights. I might do those differently. The stage needs to look more uniform, and Ill need a light coming from the front to get rid of shadows on the legs of the furballs. Overall tho, not bad. Now there is no cutting over to Chrissy and the piano in this clip, so its all the furballs dancing. I had some fun trying to do different dance moves for them!

This first test has only furballs five, six, seven, and eight. Next test will have everybody. I'm just waiting on some new fur to make em with. These gals (I dont know why but I always thought the balls of fur were girls, like they remind me a bit of like 60's era go-go dancers in a way)are covered in faux fur fabric. I was trying the yarn weft, and while I did love it the furballs kept getting bigger and more awkward to manipulate because the fur on the wefts was so long and thick. I may do a test with the ones I made, but I'm happy with these. They are still so furry and cute!Hope you like and make suggestions to me too!

BTW, sorry I had to just put a link up. I cant seem to embed anything.
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Re: Eight Balls of Fur! Posted by Shawn on Jun 03, 2018
I think it turned out really well for your first test run. I would be interested in seeing the ones you made with the yarn weft. Good job!
Re: Eight Balls of Fur! Posted by Gail on Jun 04, 2018
They look great, their legs are very good and the fur is nice and thick and jiggles nice.

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