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VentHaven ConVENTion; Whos's going? Posted in VentHaven ConVENTion; Whos's going? on Feb 08, 2019
supposed to be another great year, who is going? If enough of us P&S members show up, maybe we can all connect up. Look forward to hopefully putting real faces to avatars.
Re: Greetings from The Oracle! Posted in Greetings from The Oracle! on Feb 06, 2019
Kevin, As a fellow nerd and puppeteer, this is brilliant; the concept, the production, the quality of puppetry, you are amazing. I am definitely subscribed and look forward to future episodes and I will definitely be promoting your channel.
Re: New to puppet making Posted in New to puppet making on Jan 27, 2019
Glad to have you aboard.
New Year New Blog Posted in New Year New Blog on Dec 30, 2018
The blog on my website is starting to take off. My latest blog really isn't about puppetry specifically, but with 2019 literally days away, I wanted to write something that helps puppet directors with setting goals.

2019: The 1% Rule
Re: "Limbs": A Short Film Posted in "Limbs": A Short Film on Dec 30, 2018
I love it. I'm intrigued. You are adorable and the concept rocks. Holidays and my mom's upcoming surgery has me strapped, but as soon as I can I will send some love your way. Keep us updated. 
Re: 3D-printed puppet parts Posted in 3D-printed puppet parts on Dec 30, 2018
Wat program are you using? Great work.
Re: Anybody else making puppet photos for Christmas? Posted in Anybody else making puppet photos for Christmas? on Dec 30, 2018
Just now building my puppet family, so next year.
Re: Small Fry Aquatics- Puppet Videos Posted in Small Fry Aquatics- Puppet Videos on Nov 03, 2018
I really like it. Not sure what you are using to film with, but you can get some really good extension mics on Wish that will allow you to have the mic next to you.
Re: Another Puppet Maker Here Posted in Another Puppet Maker Here on Oct 29, 2018
NO such thing as a novice in this forum, if you have the bug, you have the bug. If I could give you some advice (as a marketer) your name, Fauxfox, is great. As soon as you can, get the domain for it. I think going through Wix it's still $99. You don't want someone else taking the name. In the very least Wix will take off the ad banners which gives your site more screen real estate.
Welcome to the family.
Performance tips Posted in Performance tips on Sep 01, 2018
Just published my latest blog post and thought I would run this question up the flag pole in here and see how the brains of other performers work.
Question: What habits, rituals, and/or must dos do you do on a regular basis when developing and performing your program?