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Re: Hello PandS! Posted in Hello PandS! on Apr 01, 2018
yeah once you go behind the curtain (both physically and metaphorically) there is no turning back. You are hooked. Welcome to P & S. Just think of us as Hotel California...You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Re: Nutty Puppets Posted in Nutty Puppets on Apr 01, 2018
Make your own. I am just now getting my site up and running, but will soon be making more vids on making puppets, Honestly it isn't as difficult as some think. By making your own, you can give it all the personality that you want. Even if it doesn't turn out to be Luna quality, it t least gives yo something to work with until you can afford a higher quality puppet.
Re: Hello Everyone! Posted in Hello Everyone! on Mar 23, 2018
You live in New York, Have you visited
Re: A gothic marionette head. (First try) Posted in A gothic marionette head. (First try) on Mar 22, 2018
Re: One of my first foam puppets Posted in One of my first foam puppets on Mar 20, 2018
awesome! Yep, ventriloquism is all about the practice. Might sound weird, but what I used to do to get practice time in, is when I was on the phone with someone. Worst thing to happen is they  miss what you are saying and you can blame it on the phone, but if you are able to clearly articulate over the phone with minimal to no movement of the mouth, then you are on your way.
Re: Yay!! Puppets!! xD Posted in Yay!! Puppets!! xD on Mar 20, 2018
We are glad to have you on here. Can't wait to view your creations. I am in the middle of a few projects here myself, but when I get time, I plan on doing a steampunk marionette, so to see your goth style might give me the inspiration I need to get off my butt and start.
Welcome to the site and if their is anything we can help you with, let us know.
Re: Hi! I'm Jessi From NY. I'm a Puppeteer. Nice to Meet You! Posted in Hi! I'm Jessi From NY. I'm a Puppeteer. Nice to Meet You! on Jan 31, 2018
watching puppet build episode 1 right now. Which format do you like better, Twitch or Youtube? Welcome.
Re: Kitty and the Questions Posted in Kitty and the Questions on Jan 31, 2018
OK, side note, you have the most amazing voice! Why are you not doing voice over for cartoons?
Now for the vids, great job. the only thing I would recommend is part one is over 2 hours long, if you break your videos down to an hour to an hour and a half, then release more videos, at least on youtube, you will get more engagement.
What Style is this? Posted in What Style is this? on Jan 23, 2018
I was wondering if their was a name for this particular style of puppet head making. I have been calling it a foam fold over method, but surely there is a real name out there.

Re: Selling Puppets Posted in Selling Puppets on Jan 15, 2018
Not sure what formula you are using, but if you are taking an average of 12 hours per to complete one puppet, you are not charging for your labor or your intellectual property value. Find a better formula or, in the very least, whatever you come up with in your formula, multiply it by 2 and that would be closer to a bare minimum charge. Also, these are your creations, you don't need to justify material costs, etc. Yes, you need to make back the expenses hat you put in, but in the end its about the valuation that you put on them based on originality of design,time spent, whether there is exclusivity in the design...A lot of variables go into pricing and cost of materials is a drop in the bucket.