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Re: New Website! Posted in New Website! on Apr 02, 2018
Looks good! Thanks for the shout out!
Re: Puppetry in therapy Posted in Puppetry in therapy on Feb 16, 2018
There actually seems to be a whole site devoted to this subject. It even has a list of books on the subject.
Re: Puppets in Prague Workshop GoFundMe Posted in Puppets in Prague Workshop GoFundMe on Jan 04, 2018
Yes that is fine. Welcome to Puppets and Stuff!
Re: Gi'day from sunny New Zealand Posted in Gi'day from sunny New Zealand on Jan 02, 2018
Looking forward to seeing some of the results of your research!
Re: What did they use? Posted in What did they use? on Nov 17, 2017
It looks like it is fake fur. I prefer that everything be sewn on a puppet that can be so I would sew it on but some folks prefer to hot glue hair on.  Hot glue won't damage or burn either wigs or fake fur but the problem is if you leave your puppet in a hot room or car the hot glue is going to heat up and release. Even when you use fake fur you can make a wig of sorts. you duplicate the part of the pattern for that area and then adjust. For example she has long hair so you would need to extend the pattern down the back.

Like I said in the picture it look like they used fake fur but looking at other puppets from the show I can see that they also use marabou. It is ostrich feathers that have been twisted into a long strand.  There is a cord running down the center of marabou that you can stitch to the head or glue.  You have to pull back the feathers to expose it.
Re: Inspired by pagestep007 Posted in Inspired by pagestep007 on Nov 03, 2017
Pretty neat! You got some great footage and did a great job of editing.
Re: Fans for mascot head Posted in Ventriloquist Mascot WIP on Jun 27, 2017
I am sure once you sew it together it'll smooth out. Looking good!
Re: Puppetry to support core values Posted in Puppetry to support core values on Jun 18, 2017
It is totally possible to use "what you have on hand" when building puppets. A prime example of this is Philip aka pagestep007. He lives in an area where it is hard to get the things that many puppet builders rely on here in the US. Dolores Hadley, the master puppeteer I learned from was the same. Her marionettes where papermache' and considered some of the finest works in the industry.
Re: Creative Paper Clay Posted in Creative Paper Clay on Jun 15, 2017
I think the process that  Dr Popet is talking about is just papermache' over a base. So that would be just paper and wheat past or glue.  The secret in getting and keeping detail is in the type of paper you use and the amount of sanding.  When I still did this method I sculpted out of Plasticine clay then covered. Let dry then cut about and dug out the clay.  You might be able to use a combination of techniques. Maybe cover a styro egg in a couple layers of rough papermache' then use a home recipe of paperclay to great rough details. Over that you could do some layers of papermache' using tissue paper to smooth things out. Then gesso sand gesso sand gesso sand.... That is really the secrete with papermache' even when I use the Creative PaperClay I always did some layers of Gesso with sanding in between.
Re: Weights for a marionette Posted in Weights for a marionette on Jun 11, 2017
Are they lead?  I always just used fishing weights which are lead, and then took a hammer to them to flatten and shape them into what I needed.