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Don't know how may of our UK members still visit that often. You might want to try contacting UNIMA UK
Re: help to sell collection Posted in help to sell collection on Aug 30, 2016
I would have to agree with Steve.  I think your best bet might be to try eBay and to sell them in lots of 10 or more. I really doubt you'll be able to get more then $10 per puppet and that may be on the high side. This is all assuming you are wanting to move them fast.

You are also welcome to post something about it in our selling section,62.0.html No cost to you to list them there but not as much exposure.
Re: Dream project almost done Posted in Dream project almost done on Aug 21, 2016
I remember this guy!  Good to see you are getting around to bringing him to life!
Re: Amazon Stop Posted in Amazon Stop on Aug 13, 2016
Looks pretty straight forward.  You might want to browse the section here where we post amazon stuff:,71.0.html Billy worked hard on it a couple years back and you might find some other resources at Amazon that may be worth adding to your store. I always meant to take what he did and generate an amazon store but never got around to doing it. Good to see someone has taken this on.
Re: Newbie Materials Question Posted in Newbie Materials Question on Aug 05, 2016
Well you have a couple options really. First you could go old school and use paper mache'. Believe it or not it can be pretty sturdy. You would build the layers up inside the plaster mold. Another option that many puppet builders us now is carbon fiber sheets. Goggle it and you'll find a ton of resources. Lastly you could create a 3d model and have it printed. Check out the post by Tioh one of our members here:;u=28252;sa=showPosts  He uses 3d printed skull pieces under his puppets.

Welcome to Puppets and Stuff!
Re: New Puppet Concept with moving fingers Posted in New Puppet Concept with moving fingers on May 27, 2016
That is incredible! The puppeteer really has some great control.
Re: how to advise actors to move like marionettes for a play (with no marionettes!) Posted in how to advise actors to move like marionettes for a play (with no marionettes!) on Mar 28, 2016
It sounds to me like you really have it covered. I think you more to contribute then you give yourself credit for. I bet what you have well fill 30 mins or more. Don't forget to have a Q and A section.
Re: "Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? Posted in "Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? on Mar 13, 2016
At one time Kansas City Starlight Theatre had a pretty nice package of "Wizard Of Oz".  It is not listed on their set rental page, but could be they only have parts at this point.  The Wizard was pretty nice if I recall.  It was a professional set built by am IATSE crew.  Might be worth a call to them to see if they still have anything or if they sold it off who maybe they sold it to.
Re: Looking For Fabric Posted in Looking For Fabric on Jan 17, 2016
I doubt you are going to be able to find this by the yard.  I did find one company on-line that has a large variety of Micro Fiber but did not see anything exactly like this.  You might be able to contact them and send a pick of what you are looking for and they might be able to find a source for you.
Re: "Puppet Cycling" and more Posted in "Puppet Cycling" and more on Nov 16, 2015
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff Henry.  Very cool videos! I really liked your master's degree submission. The expressions and movement in the animation was excellent. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have you done any live puppetry? Well beyond the hand work you did that is.