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Re: Review - Walking with Dinosaurs Posted in Review - Walking with Dinosaurs on Mar 28, 2015
Thanks for the review!  I do understand your disappointment with the meet and greet.  Sounds like a typical meet and greet geared toward the consumer.  While I've not worked this show I've worked a lot of area tours of concerts and ice shows. All the meet and greets are pretty much just picture taking opportunities. Actors working the show have no real knowledge of the inner working of things unless they have been given details. I worked backstage on Lion King, Little Shop, War Horse and other puppet based shows and have to say I think that while it may have been nice to see them from the audience I got more of a kick from being back stage working them. Sure you would also... that being said we are not typical I am sure. Thanks goodness!

I do hope you get the opportunity to see How To Train Your Dragon.  I get the feeling that may have more of a story line but I could be wrong.

Thanks again for the review.
Re: Belly Dancing Marionette question Posted in Belly Dancing Marionette question on Mar 19, 2015
While I have not built a belly dancing marionette I have built a gypsy marionette that had similar movements. I am afraid I don't have detailed pictures though since it was many years ago.  All I really did though was add two control strings.  One to each side of the hips that ran up to a control bar that could be lifted off the main control.  This control was at the very front of the main control so I could not only get her hips to swivel in place but by pulling the bar forward and up then dropping the main control she could do a back bend and swivel hips.
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Re: When a puppeteer has a wrist fracture Posted in When a puppeteer has a wrist fracture on Feb 26, 2015
Ohhh NOOO!  Hope it mends fast.
Re: Name suggestion Posted in Name suggestion on Feb 23, 2015
JD Dreams
Dream On
Re: How to Make Money with your Puppets on YOUTUBE! by Paul Louis Posted in How to Make Money with your Puppets on YOUTUBE! by Paul Louis on Feb 21, 2015
Thanks Paul! Nice to hear from you!
Re: God Save The Queen Posted in God Save The Queen on Feb 09, 2015
Nice job. The crown looks great! The texture of the foam really helps give the crown some depth.
Re: Oh dear, my brain is in danger of exploding Posted in Oh dear, my brain is in danger of exploding on Jan 13, 2015
Yes there is a lot to absorb here. Sometimes I think it is best to just step back and let it all sink in. Maybe take some of it and use it in a practical setting. Don't worry we will be here.
Re: Sharing Advice Required Posted in Sharing Advice Required on Dec 09, 2014
Pretty sure that if they let you take pictures and it was open to the public that you are fine sharing your pictures where ever you want.  The pictures would be your property. No different then going to any other public place and taking pictures and sharing them.
Re: Happy Holidays All Posted in Happy Holidays All on Dec 08, 2014
I'm not normally amused by bathroom humor but I have to say I enjoyed the singing toilet.    Nicely done.
Re: Posted in on Dec 04, 2014
Hey Zeb,

I just got off the phone with Debbie the owner.  She is no longer selling the patterns or in the business. She did offer to send you the patterns free though and she gave me her personal email address which I'll pass on to you privately.