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Puppeteer or Puppeteers who learned puppetry on their own? Replies 11

Posted by squirrely on Jun 05, 2015

Like myself I've learned puppetry on my own.  By the books and watching many videos on how make puppets.  Any great puppeteers who learned on their own not by school?   …

Making Sculpted Puppets with Verna Finley Replies 3

Posted by Angel in Tx on Jun 02, 2015

I ordered the DVDs "Making Sculpted Puppets with Verna Finely" a while back and sort of forgot about them.  I found them in my stash today and popped the first one in. I am sitting here…

Hello Replies 3

Posted by ReallyNotACylon on Jun 01, 2015

Hi, I've been a fan of puppets since I figured out what a puppet was. I'm currently writing and developing a puppet based webseries about a Cylon, which is a robot from Battlestar Galactica.…

Farscape costume patterns for sale Replies 2

Posted by Na on Jun 01, 2015

These are the actual costume patterns used in the series! Each comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Michael Polis, Senior VP of Marketing & Home Entertainment at the Jim Henson…

4 Foam Fingers Replies 3

Posted by Steve on May 28, 2015

I've blogged on and off for years about a variety of topics on different sites. The truth is puppetry and gaming are the only two topics I really enjoy talking about and it led me down to…

Sharpening Scissors Replies 2

Posted by Gail on May 22, 2015

I have a drawer full of dull scissors and cheap sharpening tools.  Can any of you recommend a good way to sharpen scissors.  The fellow who sharpens scissors costs so much, it is cheaper to…

Hello from the Nation's Capital! Replies 3

Posted by Fruttipebbles on May 20, 2015

Hello everyone, just a west coast heart-east coast zip coder here saying hello. I'm making my first puppet and this looked like the perfect place to trade info and make some new friends. 

How much foam and fleece do I need? Replies 18

Posted by bluetackman on May 20, 2015

Hey all,First time posting, few weeks lurking. I'm going to be making some puppets soon for the purposes of a short film. I've not made any before, but I have bought some books and patterns…

Meet JD Replies 1

Posted by TygerMin on May 19, 2015

JD is an Otto from Lunas Puppets with added mohawk.  He will be the star in an upcoming interview based web series.

Book bundle for makers Replies 5

Posted by Na on May 19, 2015

I just saw that Humble Bundle have a deal on a series of books for makers. Thought people here might be interested: got books on toys, 3D printing, electronics,…

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