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Backdrop #1 Replies 5

Posted by Jon on Jun 05, 2008

I finished the first backdrop for the Joshua Junebug and Friends project.  I had originally thought of doing the inside of the school house but then I got asked to help with a VBS program and the…

make mouthplate first or somewhere later Replies 14

Posted by gompie on Jun 05, 2008

I'M in the process now to make a puppet. In the foambook the make first the mouthplate and build than the head. In video's and other patterns I see that the make the mouthplate somewhere in…

Puppetry courses Replies 5

Posted by Na on Jun 05, 2008

I've been thinking of studying puppetry overseas for a while now, and was just wondering whether anyone can recommend a good course. I've been checking out the US ones, but it's a bit hard…

has anyone tryed !!!! Replies 15

Posted by jovack on Jun 04, 2008

has anyone tryed to cover there puppets in rubber latex?? i know that you can mix coloured paint in with the latex, but has anyone tryed painting it over the top of a foam puppet ??

Tidbits Replies 9

Posted by Rcdspoon on Jun 04, 2008

Hi friends....Spoon here with another installment of the RcdSpoon puppets.   Just something cute and quick since I have not posted anything in a while. So, I hope you enjoy, as always your…

Copyrighted Puppets (PUPPET BUILDERS PLEASE READ) Replies 9

Posted by Onath on Jun 04, 2008

I want to bring this to everyones attentionLast night I got an email it was as follows:Hi,I found your website and have seen your puppets they look great. My son is a fan of the Noggin Jack's Big…

my 1st head Replies 6

Posted by jovack on Jun 04, 2008

this is my 1st head its not covered as i just wanted to see the shape. but my next one will be covered, small steps at a time normally i speed off and mess things up but this one I'm trying to…

The Circus is coming...The Circus is coming! Replies 13

Posted by Nikole H. on Jun 04, 2008

It's a marionette circus and it is coming to the Honolulu Zoo.  I am so excited that I was asked to perform at the Honolulu Zoo for an upcoming large event at the end of the month.  I…

New Web Site Question Replies 12

Posted by Angel on Jun 03, 2008

Hi everyone!I want to do a website, but I'm afraid of that "WHOIS" thing that states that my personal info will be posted for anyone to see.  I only want what I post on the website…

Costume with star ?? Replies 21

Posted by luv2beeamommy on Jun 03, 2008

Ok so I need alot of help I'm totally out of my bounds of puppet making here ! I'm wanting to make a costume fairy like with a star that the arms can move but it somehow be on my shoulder or…

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