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pictures Replies 18

Posted by gompie on Mar 04, 2008

I don't know if anyone have the same problem but I can't see many of the pictures that are one this forum. Is it my computers or something else............... (maybe it is mine dutch ground to…

New 99 Acre Wood Short on Global Warming Replies 10

Posted by DrPuppet on Mar 03, 2008

Patty Rants about a news story that a Village in Alaska is suing over global warming.

Prairie dog...or wolverine?? Replies 11

Posted by Toon Asylum on Mar 03, 2008

Hey gang.....Just posted yet another video of the latest character to arrive at the ToonAsylum.His name is "Pez" he can't decide if he's a prairie dog or maybe a…

The web's first puppet podcast Replies 7

Posted by Andrew on Mar 02, 2008

This is quite old, but I wanted to post it anyway because it hasn't been on the web for a long time...The Marshall and Buck Show was (to my knowledge anyway) the web's first puppet podcast.…

New 99 Acre Woods Episode Reviewing Indy 4 Replies 5

Posted by DrPuppet on Mar 02, 2008

We just shot a MST3K style video review of the Indiana Jones 4 Trailer. Love to here what you guys…

A fresh face from Chicago says hello. Replies 6

Posted by stuf123 on Mar 02, 2008

Wanted to start off with a nice hello to everyone.  Came across this site doing the research on building my first puppet.  I am a artist/3D animator by trade and have always loved…

hello from holland Replies 17

Posted by gompie on Mar 02, 2008

so I write with red my color and.this oneand this and all the bright colors. I hope my english is to understand because I live in the Netherlands. Allmost in the centre of the country. |It is very…

Professor Ichabod Inch Replies 39

Posted by Jon on Feb 29, 2008

Well, I had so much fun building Joshua Junebug I could just sit abound doing nothing so  I've been cooking up a new puppet for the Lilac Hollow gang.  So introducing Professor Ichabod…

A little green still, but glad to be a part of the puppetry fun Replies 12

Posted by semjaza on Feb 28, 2008

Hello everyone.  I just recently started making puppets and puppet videos and I love it.  So much fun creating the little critters!  I hope I get to know a few other puppeteers around…

Price reduction on glove puppets! Replies 4

Posted by Nikole H. on Feb 28, 2008

I just reduced the prices of my little glove puppets.  The following links are to my Etsy shop where they can be purchased directly from there.Blue Glove…

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