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Eurovision gets puppetry entrant!! Replies 5

Posted by Na on Feb 25, 2008

I don't know whether any of you guys follow Eurovision, but I just saw this on the news and thought it was funny.There's an Irish contestant who uses a chicken (or turkey depending on what…

I have given my Selberg Max new hair Replies 2

Posted by Jimmy Light Show on Feb 24, 2008

My friends think I am crazy to tinker with my Tim Selberg Max character, however I've had him for umpteen years and it was time for a make over and change. Do the value of his worth go up or down?…

Has anyone tried this pattern??? Replies 13

Posted by batjimi on Feb 24, 2008

has anyone tried to use this pattern and is it accurate??   I have always wanted to put a kermit together  and from what I…

I got Steve Barry to change my Dan Payes Replies 2

Posted by Jimmy Light Show on Feb 24, 2008

I got Steve Barry to change my Dan Payes puppet to give it a unique fresh new look. It used to have red hair, now it has blue. It also has unique teeth and new lips. His name used to be Red, what…

Aren't I the Lucky Girl! Replies 11

Posted by newmodeller on Feb 24, 2008

My wonderful father in law has just given me the 40th birthday present to out do all others (except the lovely Kalevala Koru ring from Tim of course).  He has given me a mint copy of Hansjurgen…

New member looking for sock puppet making tips Replies 4

Posted by undeserving1 on Feb 24, 2008

Hi, I am brand new to this.  I am making my own sock puppets but I fear it shows.   I am scheduled to put on my show this coming Wednesday.  I was looking for quick easy tips to…

hy :) Replies 7

Posted by carmecitta on Feb 24, 2008

 I am glad to be here.I am here be couse I hope to learn and find news.I am an actrice in my country and I am 24 years old.The pictures below are from a performance I play in. 

Pro muppet style monster on ebay Replies 6

Posted by DansPuppets on Feb 22, 2008

Hello,This fella just been put up on ebay…

Detachable legs Replies 8

Posted by Na on Feb 22, 2008

I'm currently working on some designs for a potential puppet commission. The puppet are going to be muppets, but the person doesn't need rods for arms, or needs legs. I've suggested to go…

Blinking Eye Tutorial Video by Puppeteers Unite Replies 18

Posted by Angel on Feb 21, 2008

Hey,I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet, if so I apologize.  I came across this awesome tutorial last night on Puppeteer's Unite website on blinking eyes, it's a video on…

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