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Shipping internationally Replies 14

Posted by Na on Jan 25, 2008

As you guys know, I'm setting up my puppet store, and I'm planning on selling internationally, but am wondering whether it's worth it at this stage.The puppets I'm selling are pretty…

It's not American's Most Talented, but..... Replies 11

Posted by Donald Woodford on Jan 23, 2008

It's not American's Most Talented but, I made it to round two. No million prize but, fame and fortune could await me, who knows   Donald (Almost Famous) Woodford

Center For Professional Puppetry Replies 4

Posted by Donald Woodford on Jan 17, 2008

Hi All,       I hope I'm not repeating something that has already been told and I missed it.I found a website with a wealth of resource, and I mean a wealth of resource for…

Puppeteers of America Mid-Atlantic Festival Replies 18

Posted by Toon Asylum on Jan 17, 2008

Hey Gang -I just recieved an email and thought I would share with all that might be interested...This is the Puppeteers of America Mid-Atlantic & Northeast Regional Festival 2008I would be…

My latest puppet Replies 19

Posted by Pletoo on Jan 16, 2008

This is my latest experiment ~ I wanted to try for a bigger octopus, but I goofed on the proportions. The scarf covers the extra piece of material I added in, the hat covers the holes where the eyes…

Tennis Ball Rod Puppet Tutorial Replies 13

Posted by Andrew on Jan 11, 2008

There's a new puppet building tutorial up on today explaining how to make a tennis ball rod puppet. It's a really neat little puppet making idea that was submitted to the…

Where can I buy puppet saying shirts? Replies 12

Posted by Jimmy Light Show on Jan 08, 2008

I have searched, believe you me I'm Jimmy Light Show and I cannot find a good place to buy ventriloquist shirts. You know, t-shirts with funny sayings on them with pictures of either midgets or…

Audrey 2 construction begins Replies 81

Posted by Orindae on Jan 04, 2008

I have finnaly started the audrey 2 little shop of horrors puppet, I'm doing the large one first, the theater guild here in menomonie wisconsin finaly gave me some money to buy supplys, I have no…

Venthaven Replies 9

Posted by Toon Asylum on Jan 04, 2008

I was curious if anyone from here has been to this puppet convention in northern Kentucky called VentHaven?I'm not a ventriloquist, but was wondering if it would be something interesting for…

Lets Vent Together Replies 5

Posted by TSCARLETG on Jan 04, 2008

 I'm the puppet director/maker/master at my church and this month will be our 4th show.  Through trial and error I have learned alot. For instance some props need to be supported by more…

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