The Puppets and Stuff Forum is comprised of Rooms and Cubicles that contain Discussions.  Each Discussion can have Comments added to it.  This differs from our old Archive Forum.  Below is comparison of old vs new terms:

Old Forum New Forum
Board Room
Child Board Cubical
Topic Discussion
Replies/Post Comments

When you are in a room or cubical you can start a discussion if you are logged in via button displayed above.  Like the old forum we bbCode is used to give your post some style and to add links and photos.  The new bbCode that is available is a bit limited at this time compared to the old site but in time some of the old fetures well be added back in.

When you are viewing a discussion you have the ability to reply to the main discussion or comments via the button displayed above.  The display of a discussion is threaded so it is easier to follow who said what to whom. That means the main disscussion can be commented on or you can actually comment on and individual comment.  By default a comment box for the main disscussion is shown at the bottom.

Lost Features

We lost some things in the move like chat, photo gallery and the calendar, but I hope to bring some of that functionality back.

You do have the ability to upload images for inclusion in a  post in the forum and they are displayed then on your profile, but as of yet there is no ability to manage or modify those images uploaded to this personal gallery.

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