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My first puppet
These are pictures of my first complete puppet. He is a sock puppet made using the project puppets glorified sock puppet pattern. I tentatively named him Webster during his contruction. He was a gift so his final name has yet to be announced.
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My second puppet, similar to the first
Pictures of my second puppet. This one based on the Paul Muller instructional videos at Expert Village. I had a lot of leftovers from building Webster, my first puppet, so this one looks like he comes from the same place (or somewhere nearby!). He has a foam stuffed (or lined) head, and ping pong ball eyes. I used a foam and stiffened felt mouth rather than the cardboard/felt combination in the Muller videos. His head is an odd shape but he hides it well with the long purple hair.
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More puppets.
A folder for various puppet pictures.
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Puppet Room
These are photos taken inside my puppet room. A virtual mad monster lair of foam and fleece, sure to cause geese to race across your flesh!
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