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Trying new materials and techniques to build a wolf puppet 2/27/23, 1:57 PM
Posted in Puppet Construction by Tioh
CMTS 2 Here's my first try at building a wolf puppet head with a flexible 3D-printed head base - printed…
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eyelids 9/13/22, 8:04 PM
Posted in Puppet Construction by Aertie
CMTS 1 I'm making a blinking eye mechanism and wanna do it with two individual lids instead of the big brow…
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Compression Bar on Marionette 9/12/22, 11:48 PM
Posted in Puppet Construction by Stephen
CMTS 1 Ok , I bought a poster from Geahk Burchill/Castiron Carousel ,that has a New Control bar on it, but…
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Welcome to Puppets and Stuff!

My how we have changed.  It is hard to believe that it has been over 20 years since the site first sprang on to the internet. Check out the Wayback Machine for an idea of just how much. In November of 2019 we migrated to a new server and software and with this came a lot of change. All the old content of the site was migrated to the Archive.

We are still a free open community of puppeteers and puppet enthusiast from around the world. The site is full of puppet related information. There is a listing of our membership which makes it easy for you to find a puppeteer if you are looking for one. If you are a puppeteer and have a bit of puppet wisdom we hope you'll share it in the Forum. You'll find information on all styles of puppetry including marionettes, hand puppets, rod puppets, animatronics, shadow puppetry, advert puppetry and others.

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