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Welcome to the new and "improved" Puppets and Stuff site!

Improved is in quotes because I still have a ways to go with the migration from the old system to this one.  Many of the features we had on our old site are not yet available in this new site but please bear with me. 

In case you hadn't heard, the old software that was being used to manage the site was very old and out of date.  On November 10 - 12 2019 we migrated to a new server and software.  Even though I had been working on this for over a year much of what I wanted to accomplish in the new software is not yet done.

If you are wondering where all the old content went check out the Archive links. While you can not post or add to those old forum post you can read them.  If you want to revive an old forum post please feel free to do so in the new Forum.

Please bear with me in this process.

Shawn Sorrell
PandS Creator