Still No Spell Check! Posted by Shawn on Dec 05, 2006
Ok I know I have still not been able to get a spell check installed on the forum.  Believe it or not this not simply due to me having too much to do.  In order to have spell check with this current software there is something that must be installed on the server where the site is hosted.  This can only be done by my hosting company and right now they are busy with updates to the over all system that would actually allow them to set up what is needed for the spell check along with other things.  It could be some time before it is available to me.

So with all that said I thought I would mention again that you can download the Google Toolbar which is free and it has spell checking built in.  It gets added to your browser at the top and gives you a bunch of things like a pop up blocker, translation of web pages, fills out forms and much more.  The nice thing is it works pretty much any forum or web page where you enter text like here in a box.  You just click on the spell check button before you post and it shows you the misspelled words and lets you right click to correct them.  It really is a great tool!
Re: Still No Spell Check! Posted by Andrew on Dec 05, 2006
I agree about the Google tool bar, it's a nice option. Another handy one is to use Firefox, which has most of those features built-in, including a spell checker.
Re: Still No Spell Check! Posted by Ron G. on Dec 06, 2006
In general I don't like cluttering up my browsers with third-party tool bars, though I do have the Google bar on my installation of MSIE. I also have to second the recommendation of Firefox 2.0's built-in spell checker. Whenever I post here or in other forums it kicks right in and lets me know about misspelled words, (or at least ones that aren't in its list of correctly-spelled words). It can be annoying when it underlines words that you know are spelled correctly, but it just takes a second to add that word to its list, or you can just ignore the underlining. I find the spell checker in MS Word to be pretty annoying - especially when I load a document and it insists on going through and underlining everything, but this one isn't too bad. For me, my typing is much worse than my spelling, so I'm glad when it catches my typing goofs for me.

Ron G.

I also run a small dictionary program on my computer to help with words that I'm not sure of, and that MS Word and Firefox have never heard of.
Re: Still No Spell Check! Posted by laugheagle on Jul 14, 2007
Hugs, all,

  Unfortunately, Firefox isn't working anymore on my com (boo-hoo-- I really miss it!)

  But, another option is to open  your word processing program, write what you'd like to post in that, spell check it, the copy and paste into a little window like this, then with it!

  Wrks lk a chrm!

  Blessings...              luv, Jess
Re: Still No Spell Check! Posted by Sonny on Jul 14, 2007
Downt werry nobudy haz a red koreshun pen handee.
Re: Still No Spell Check! Posted by Shawn on Jul 15, 2007
You might want to try and download FireFox again and install it.  That may get you going again. Also I am pretty sure that the new version of I.E.  has spell check abilities.  Google bar is available for I.E.

There is now Spell Check added to the code for the site so you can use the Spell Check button on your post screen and it well check things for you.  That should work with any browser.  It is just not quite as "good"  the dictionary is a bit limited that is used for it.
Re: Still No Spell Check! Posted by Ron G. on Jul 16, 2007
Don't forget SeaMonkey - it uses Firefox's spell checker too...

It's been my new main browser for awhile now.

Ron G.
Re: Still No Spell Check! Posted by laugheagle on Jul 21, 2007
Hugs, Shawn,

  Thanks, I've already reloaded firefox at least 5 times, did reinstall, wiped still same problem, went to the problem fix page, diid all suggestions, including starting it in safe mode - still the same message, and if I use firefox, can't sign into any pages anywhere!

    Grrrr..I DO appreciate your advice, though Shawn! and I have a wicked rd pezil out, too, and thank you for the spellchecker here!

  I'll try seamonkey..I'm actually running straight ol' mozilla now. *sigh* oh to set my own start page!

  Blessings...    luv, Jess

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