Share or Swap Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 20, 2006
I thought I would start this thread on Share and Swap........................

If you have need for a puppet related item list it here, perhaps you can buy swap share or trade your item with another Puppets and Stuff member.

Or perhaps a interested party.....................

If you are a puppet builder or artist and you have scraps or items that are taking up room perhaps you can help some people just starting out by them just paying the shipping for the item.

Please be fair and only ask for things that you need in a particular project.

Don't forget looking at yard sells, swap meets, flea markets, resale shops, salvation army, church yard sales, recycle centers, ect,ect,ect...................... you can find many items you need.

Lets make 2007 a new year and inspire each other

Billy D.

Re: Share or Swap Posted by Ron G. on Dec 20, 2006
Good thinking - I really like this idea, Billy!

I recently signed up for my local Freecycle group on Yahoo groups, and get daily emails about things people are giving away, and things that people are looking for. The only drawback I can see in doing the same thing here is working out payments for postage, etc., and people having trouble getting things boxed up and mailed off promptly after receiving payment. It would also have to be made clear up front that Shawn Sorrell and Puppets and Stuff have no responsibility for transactions that result from posts made here.

Some groups also do organized, periodic swaps where those interested sign up, and then make enough finger puppets or similar small projects selected by the group to send to each of those participating. Some groups manage to pull this off pretty well, and others run into trouble. Another type of swap only requires one item to be made by each participant. The senders and recipients are then selected at random by the swap coordinators.

I've done swaps with other groups and it was pretty fun. I don't know how well it would work out with this group, because our members seem to come and go, and those who go are often absent for extended periods. Still, it might be fun to give it a shot sometime. In the meantime, it would be great to share or swap any surplus materials we may have.

Ron G.

Re: Share or Swap Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 20, 2006
I can say that Puppetsand Stuff would not be responsibe or liable for transactions, payment or shipping.

This would have to handled thru PM's and e-mails............. by P&S members.

I think it would be fun .....  Perhaps Shawn can suggest a way to do this that would be feesable for all of us.

Billy D.
Re: Share or Swap Posted by Shawn on Dec 20, 2006
Posted by
Perhaps Shawn can suggest a way to do this that would be feesable for all of us.

I think for now just posting here would be a great way to do it.  When Dennis gets a bite and someone wants his head he could come back here and edit the original post with a note that it had been swapped!

There was some forum I saw once (can't remember where think it was a car forum) where some of the folks liked making up CD's of their favorite music they would join the "ring" so to speak and each one would send out their CD to then next on on the list or something like that. It did seem to take one person on the forum that was willing to keep the list and let everyone know who sent to who and such.  I guess kind of like when someone is the head of a Secret Santa thing at an office.
Re: Share or Swap Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 20, 2006
Well I have all kinds of stuff and would be willing to swap or exchange for something............. Just let me know what you need and I let you know if I have it.
Billy D.
Re: Share or Swap Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Dec 21, 2006
Sounds like a fantastic idea and loads of fun!  I'll have to start digging through my junk treasures.  I have tons of stuff. One person's trash is a puppeteer's treasure.  Love the idea Billy.

Re: Share or Swap Posted by grammie on Dec 24, 2006
I will put a wish here as it's Christmas! lol
I'd love to borrow a copy of Puppet Mania, I would read gently and return. And I have 200" of black gloss self adhesive sheet vinyl 4" wide. It's wonderful for pupils and adheres to spoons and ping pong balls great. It's more than you will ever use!
Re: Share or Swap Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 24, 2006
I will be glad to let you borrow my copies of John Kennedys books. I left you a PM....
Happy Holiday
Billy D.
Re: Share or Swap Posted by grammie on Dec 24, 2006
wow, thank you so very much!! That will be a great start to a new puppet year!
Is there a Buyer/Seller area? Posted by Sonny on Dec 28, 2006
Hello Puppeteers!
I am a member of The Magic Cafe Forum and use that for items, tricks and such, I am looking for in my Magic act. I was wondering if there is a place here where members can list items for sale and items in search of.

I do know that there is a pleathara of links to suppliers and I have seen a few members looking to sell creations.

If there isnt a thread for members, could we assign one for us? With all the puppets, puppet parts and materials gathering dust and hoping to regain life again, I just see it as a great help to all members.
Could we have such an area here in P&S?
I know I am new here but I see all the input everyone gives and I see how helpful this Forum is to everyone I just want to be a part of it all.


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