Hi Everyone!! Posted by Paul Vincett on Mar 19, 2007
my name is paul vincett, and iv just joined puppets and stuff! just thought id introduce myself. check out some of my work and other puppets on my myspace page, http://www.myspace.com/pvincett   
be great to hear what other puppet makers/puppeteers think!
Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Mar 19, 2007
We are so glad you joined us here at Puppets and Stuff. I love your My Space and your puppet. You have quite a collection of talented friends.
You will have to invite them to Puppets and Stuff, if they are not already members and share the art of puppetry.
Can't wait to see more of you and your friends work.

Billy D.
Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by Shawn on Mar 19, 2007
Welcome to the madness!  From the looks of your MySpace page and the YouTube video you have posted there I have a feeling that madness is something your familiar with.   I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video.  Loved the fact that there was no dialogue yet I knew exactly what was going on.  I do hope you well join in on our Community Show.

I tried viewing your Pics at MySpace but looks like you have to be a member to view them.  So is your Avatar on of your creations? 

Make yourself at home.

Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by Paul Vincett on Mar 19, 2007
cheers guys, Nice to meet you,

thanks for the feedback. yeah the avatar is one of my latest puppets, one out three demon guys, which are gonna appear in a new film project that me and some other pals are working on.
Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Mar 19, 2007
Love your adult oriented puppets!  It looks like a combination between foam and latex with some fake leather mixed in.  Great concepts and looking forward to your next project.  I see that you have Sonny on your friends list.  I was going to suggest that you connect with this guy since you both have similar ideas around puppetry styles.

Thanks for sharing your stuff.

Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by Sonny on Mar 20, 2007
Awesome puppets and cool video. Great set! That looked like fun to make.

I see your puppet mind is a bit demented like my mine...It's a good thing. I might just need a severed digit or a cows eyeball one day and I'll know where to turn.

Let keep in touch,
Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by Ron G. on Mar 20, 2007
Hey Paul,

It looks like I got so interested in looking at your stuff yesterday that I forgot to post a comment about it here. D'oh!

You did a great job creating some fun characters! Thanks for joining up and sharing your work with us.

Ron G.
Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by chimei on Dec 11, 2008
these puppets are amazing. i'me very impressed. i've completely rethought some of my designs as a result. awesome...thanks...
Re: Hi Everyone!! Posted by Jon on Dec 11, 2008
These puppets are very cool.  I wish paul was more active here on the forum.  It's obvious that there is a lot we could learn from him.

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