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Wire reference Gude Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Aug 16, 2008
We were discussing in one of Jays tutorials about armature wire used to make moveable puppet hands and what size should one buy. I generally use 18-20 gauge wire. I have put together a Pdf file with a chart and measurement guide to help you decide. I could not get it to download to this post using the gallery image but you can download it from my gallery. Maybe Shawn can figure it out.

Billy D.
Re: Wire reference Gude Posted by Shawn on Aug 16, 2008

At the moment the Gallery Image button in the posting screen only allows you to insert images into post.  I need to explore the code some to see how I can add the ability to insert or reference other types of files in a post. I have manually added the link above for now by going to the Gallery and copying the link for the download then pasting it here.
Re: Wire reference Gude Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Aug 16, 2008
Thanks Billy that was great info to know......we are going to call you billiwikia, as Jay commented. LOL

Daryl H
Re: Wire reference Gude Posted by Wisers Mom on Aug 17, 2008
Thanks Billy.It gives me the information I need to know.
Re: Wire reference Gude Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 28, 2010
I'm updating this


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