Some advice needed Posted by Na on Nov 04, 2008
This is sort of puppetry related and does require some intro.

Many of you may know about my situation in Australia, regarding employment. I've had no luck as yet finding work, and even though I get contacted about commissions I have never actually had anyone go through with it. I've pretty much given up on the local theatre/arts industry, which is small and difficult to get into (or at least for me anyway); although I have had recently someone inquire as to hiring me for some freelance writing (it's likely to come through, but obviously not exactly something I can live off of).

I decided a while ago - and forgive me for bringing politics into it - that if Obama won, I would consider coming over to the US for a while to see what the industry is like over there (yeah, it's not entirely to do with politics, it's just a good excuse  ). I'm not necessarily talking about working in the US, but maybe a discovery trip, meet some people, etc, and then figure out whether it's a good idea to see if I can find work or some intership or something. I was planning on attending the festival in July in Atlanta (boy, does that seem like ages away) so it could coincide with that.

Anyway, I'm sure I've posted something similar on this site before, but this is why it relates to the politics: time for a change and inactivity breeds sameness.

I'd really appreciate people's thoughts on how I could tackle coming over and meeting some of the puppetry folk and taking part, even in a small way, in some US arts events.
Re: Some advice needed Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 05, 2008

Coming to America has nothing to do with Politics.  Our democracy is based on, freedom, opportunity, freedom of speech. and fair chance at a education and piece of the pie that everyone dreams of.
I'm sorry about the economy in Australia, It seems to be that way here in the Us and abroad. My suggestions to you if you can afford to come to the Us..... Get a visa and come on over, and why not get a job. It might not be what you want but we do have some jobs available. It would be nice if you could get a sponsor.............. have you tried going thru POA to see if they have a sponsor program. I wish you the best of luck and yes one of these days we are still going to have a party type reunuion at Shawns house, since it centrally located in the US. Good Luck Na............... Hope to see you soon!

Billy D.
Re: Some advice needed Posted by Jon on Nov 05, 2008
I agree with Billy.  Current US Politics shouldn't be a very big factor in your decision to come to the US.  This isn't saying that the politics aren't important, only that who is president won't make that much of a difference in the long here at home.

As of this posting, Obama is now president-elect, but even as president he is just one part of the picture.

You could come and do some exploring on a tourist visa, just to check things out.  If your more seriously thinking of relocating then do as Billy suggests and try and find a sponsor.  This will help smooth the way in dealing with immigration.
Re: Some advice needed Posted by LJ on Nov 05, 2008
My sons are planning to go to the P of A festival in Atlanta too! There would be a number of things you could check out! Good luck on all your plans.  Keep us posted because I know that there would be many of us here on the forum that may be able to connect with you depending on where you are planning to travel.
I have several friends in Australia and they have commented about the economy there too.  In fact one couple was here last summer and they commented about wishing they could move here too.  However America is not perfect either - but like Billy said there are jobs to be had if you are not picky and you could have your puppet business on the side for a while. 
Re: Some advice needed Posted by Na on Nov 05, 2008
... I'm not sure I intended it to come across as if my decision was dependant on the election. Truth is, I've been thinking about it for a while, and the 'hope' that went along with the excitement of the election just spurred things on.

As for the economy here... well, I was unemployed before the crisis, so ... (Haha, irony, I've been asked to write about how the economy is affecting job security in the arts here )  I'm lucky that I managed to save quite a bit of money at my last job, which I'm slowly using up. I think I have enough money for at least a short trip to the US.

I have considered looking at funding, and I've checked out the UNIMA Australia site and will try and apply for their grants. I'll also chat to those few local puppeteers I know and see what they advise.

I know the US isn't perfect, and I certainly don't expect miracles on arrival. I'm not picky, but obviously if I can keep involved in puppetry or theatre I'd be very happy.

I just think I've run out of options here, and I really don't want to turn 27 next year (Feb) and be as stuck as I am now. I'm not the type of person to sit and wait for things to happen, and I don't think I can spend another year waiting for someone to hire me here.

(Thanks by the way... it's nice to be able to say these things, I realise I'm venting a bit, but the support and kind words really do help)
Re: Some advice needed Posted by tsu on Nov 05, 2008

I understand you very well.
The economy in Poland is similar. I mean, the circumstances. A lot of Poles are still migrating to the UK (oh well, almost everywhere we are now) but the whole UK has a lot of problems right now and the recession is even officially confirmed, especially in England, where I moved to (HOPE temporarily just, but I'm thinking of starting one year postgraduate studies over there). A situation is bad everywhere in the UK - in Ireland, the banks have started to go bankrupt and people have problems to withdraw their money from the banks. The rising prices tendency is still upward etc. and the rate of pound is declining. For comparison - the average rate of pound in 2005 in Poland was 7 zlotych, now is 4,40, so this situation determines that people are coming back to country (part of them), but here is nothing better, I have heard. I mean - there is a lot of job for constructors, electricians, builders and other technical professions (because a lot of people worked in those areas migrated from Poland), but for many of us is very hard to find something appropriate especially if we consider wages. And it's nothing new for the employers that a candidate finished studies - almost every young human being finished.
Alike you, I am still not sure what to do, where to live, what decision should be right for me.
I'm struggling within, because all I ever loved is here, in Poland. I haven't any high demands, I would just like to do what I like to do, not to be forced to take any shitty job just to survive from "1st to 1st" - I need a calmness, small house, my own horse (!) and family. That's it. Am I asking for too much? Hello? Government, hello?
Heh, will see what life brings me.

Take care, Na, really.
I'm mentally and with all my heart with you.
If you need a warm word, or just somebody to unbosom to, just write to me. We're in the same boat.
Re: Some advice needed Posted by puppetbubba on Nov 05, 2008
I'm not from the US but a neighbour to it.  Our economy is suffering right now too.  From all the news I hear the US is worse off then we are.  I don't know if you would be able to find work in the US when so many citizens are out of work themselves.  I am not trying to burst your bubble but the US ecomomy isn't doing great right now (at least that is what we keep hearing).  If you come looking for work I wouldn't count on getting a job.  Maybe the US is different but here (in Canada) they would hire a Canadian citizen over someone with a green card, unless the person was specifically sponsored by a company to come over. 

I am not trying to burst your bubble.  I have found in the past that sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side but it really isn't.  A trip to the US can be fun, I would just hate to see you get your hopes up for a job when so many citizens are out of work and looking themselves. 

Hope something comes your way soon.
Re: Some advice needed Posted by tsu on Nov 05, 2008
The more strange situation is while Poles go to the UK seeking for job and English people go to Australia to do the same.... and then - Australians would like to go to the USA to... work.
Circulus vitiosus, eh.
Re: Some advice needed Posted by miguel on Nov 05, 2008
Na! Like puppetbubba said, here in USA the things are not fine, and believe me it won't. It's going to colapse everything. I don't want to sound negative, but stay where you are, and try to develop your business while you still looking for something to give you to eat and stand in socially!

Just watch this video and judge for yourself:
Re: Some advice needed Posted by Na on Nov 06, 2008
I think people have misconstrued the idea: I'm not hoping to find work by going to the US. I'm simply saying while I have the freedom, time, and the money, I'd like to go and check things out. If I happen to find work then that's great.

I do appreciate all the kind words, and I'm not pinning my hopes to anything.

I just know that something has to change, and staying put in the same house I've lived all my life is not enough for me at this time.

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