How much fur? Posted by chimei on Jan 10, 2009

i'm trying to order some fur...and i'm not sure how much i'll need. i'm building a full body character not unlike grover or elmo (including legs) and was wondering if 1/2 yd would be enough? legs and arms are pretty thin.

thoughts? thanks....
Re: How much fur? Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Jan 10, 2009
I would say a yard or more.  It is hard to say without seeing your pattern or knowing how high the end result will be.  I always buy more because it never fails that when you need more it will be sold out and then you are stuck with a half done puppet.  Any extra pieces can be used for hair, eye brows and beards for others puppets. 

Daryl H
Re: How much fur? Posted by Jon on Jan 10, 2009
I'd personally go for a yard and a half.  You may not use it all for this puppet but it will ensure that you have enough and you can use the left over for future puppets.  I've found that my over buying on one project was very useful when finishing off of others.  This means that no fabric and fur is ever really too much.
Re: How much fur? Posted by miguel on Jan 10, 2009
Depending if you are going to add with fur any features to the puppet, but I guess between 1 to 1 1/2 yard. its better to have more than if miss something!

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