World of Dollhouse Miniatures Posted by Nikole H. on Jul 03, 2009
I am a miniature enthusiast and I find that the lines between puppetry and miniatures/dolls gets a little grey.  Meaning, they share so many things.  As I was putting together a backdrop for my photograph of my newest miniature creation, I thought that perhaps my puppet friends will find use of one of my dollhouse sites.  I'm sure it has probably come up in the past but for those who may not have thought about it, here is something that might tickle your fancy.  If you see my picture on Flickr, you can see that for the scene that I created, I used scrapbook paper for the "wallpaper" and printed off the wood flooring from my dollhouse resource which by the way was FREE! We all like FREE!  I even cut a bit of white paper for the bottom base board effect.  Nothing like details when it comes to miniatures.  Anyways, here is the picture of my miniature beaded purse:

Here is the website that I used to get the wood floor:
and another:

I work in miniature form for my puppet theater so I can get away with using supplies from these types of sources and scrapbook stores.  This would also be great for those into stop motion animation.  And if you want the details of my little purse, it is made of swarovski crystal beads and is approximately the size of a US quarter coin.  This purse is not for my puppet show but just a little extra hobby that I do.  Here is a close up view of the little purse.

Hope this resource might help others! :D
Re: World of Dollhouse Miniatures Posted by Chris Arveson on Jul 03, 2009
Nikole, thanks for the links. The brick and stone backdrops could also be used as backgrounds for green screen effects.
Re: World of Dollhouse Miniatures Posted by Nikole H. on Jul 03, 2009
AWESOME!  Great idea.  Glad I could help.
Re: World of Dollhouse Miniatures Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 04, 2009
Thanks for the links................... I have always wanted to build a Doll House but with all boys there was not much need. I finally have a great great Niece who is six months old. Maybe I will get to build one now.

Billy d.
Re: World of Dollhouse Miniatures Posted by Nikole H. on Jul 07, 2009
I have a boy but still build them....for me....LOL.

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