Looking for eyes Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jul 17, 2009
Hey everyone.  I am looking for the blue eyes in the attached photo.  These are from Michele at Puppet Planet, but I have been unable to reach her and it's no longer possible to purchase from her site.  Does anyone know where to purchase them? 


Re: Looking for eyes Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 17, 2009
Julie I PM'd you.

Billy D.
Re: Looking for eyes Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 17, 2009

They are called glastic eyes................... Well these are not the ones either




Billy D.
Re: Looking for eyes Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 17, 2009
Wholesale/these are not the frog looking eyes but this is worth mentioning

Billy D.

OK I give up !!!!
Re: Looking for eyes Posted by Matt on Jul 17, 2009
I would need to know more about them to be sure, but it looks like the following crystal cut eye added to a 450 domed eye or a ping pong ball with doll joint glued in.

1. the lines in the iris in this picture match the ones in your photo
2. they are raise which makes me think stem is in the back
3. the edges are ruff where the blue or green meet the white of the eye

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Match or no Match?

Re: Looking for eyes Posted by miguel on Jul 18, 2009
No they aren't. I used to use those eyes for 2 puppets I made. They just come the way you see them in the pics. They are not ping pong ball, or the ones you described before
Re: Looking for eyes Posted by Na on Jul 31, 2009
These eyes are like doll eyes - they have a... I don't know what it's called, but it's like a tube, so you can insert a backing into the eye to keep it in place. I also have a pair from Michelle, but I don't know where else to find them. My best guess is ebay.
Re: Looking for eyes Posted by MsPuppet on Aug 30, 2009
I think Matt is correct in part. Looks like regular frog eyes, with another eye inserted in place of the regular green with black dot. I have both, will try it and see.
Re: Looking for eyes Posted by dacostasr on Dec 13, 2009
I too am looking for eyes.  I used Styrofoam before but I want to do the Dr.Puppet moving eye thingy.  I bought the Dr. Puppet video and it mentions puppetministry.com, but I can't find them on that site.  Anyone know where to get these?

THanks in advance.


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Dome Eyes - 36mm
These high quality plastic dome eyes are post style and provide a 3D effect for your puppets facial features. You can partially cover them with fabric to give the effect of eye lids, or make them wide open with a crazy or surprised look.

$2.00 plus shipping
Re: Looking for eyes Posted by jovack on Dec 13, 2009
billy i love you man....... some of the things on that last website i have been looking for ages and there cheep too

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