Look at the eyes Posted by RoboChicken777 on Apr 27, 2005
See the eyes on this puppet. can anyone tell me how this is done.

Eyes Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Apr 27, 2005
I'm not for sure but it looks like a method Drew Allison uses in The Foam Book. Believe it or not they use plastic spoons by breaking off the handle and painting on a black pupil or useing a small snap on black eye used on fur animals. You then cover the top of the spoon with the fleece forming the eyelid. They are oval eyes available also. You can find assorted eyes a   they are avalible in small amounts as well as bulk.
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puppet eyes Posted by Susan on Apr 28, 2005
I love these type eyes also!   I have tried different types.  Depending on the puppet, I like the plastic spoon eyes and the wiggle eyes both.  

I can tell you how I make my spoon eyes.   I use the best quality plastic spoons I can find.  So far, I have always used white but I guess colored ones could be used, depending on the situation.  

Take the spoons and cut off the handles using pliers or heavy duty scissors.   Be prepared to have a few spoons crack when you do this.   There might be a better way to cut off the handles, but I just grab the pliers.    I then sand the spoon where I cut off the handle just to get rid of any sharp edges and to make sure I have a nice oval type shape.  

I paint the pupils with a high gloss acrylic Testor paint set that is normally used to paint model cars.   I have painted different eyes, but I really like the simple ones like the puppet you saw on Ebay.   I think they show up better for long distances, but that is strictly personal opinion.  

After the paint dries,  I take fabric scraps that match the puppet skin and lay them over the painted eye to see how far down I want the eyelid to go.   I clip the fabric around the plastic spoon eye leaving plenty of room to turn under part of the eyelid fabric.    I actually pull the edges of the eyelid fabric to the back of the eye and hotglue it in place.   Be QUICK with the glue gun if it is a very hot one.   OR, you can always use cool glue gun.  

At this point, the eye is finished if you want it like the one on Ebay.   I take matching thread and stitch around the eyelid to secure it to the puppet.   You could probably glue the eye on, but I like stitching it in case I want to move the eyes or change them out to give the puppet a new look.  

Other tips:
- I like Joker's tip about using clear fingernail polish to seal the painted eyes.   I am going to try this one myself.  
- Halloween is puppet eye time.  When all the Halloweeen stuff goes on sale, I scrounge around for those plastic costume eye lashes that usually get marked down to about a buck a set.  
- A thin line of black felt glued along the bottom of the eyelid will more define the eye and eyelid sections.
- Small trims from the sewing section can also be used for eyelashes or even eye brows, depending on the trims.  There are a lot of them out now because of the current popular thing of decorating lampshades.  

Hope this helps.  
Look at the eyes Posted by Shawn on Apr 28, 2005
Here is is a link to a site where you can buy blank eyes that you can paint how you would like. http://www.hennesproductions.com/frank.htm  They 1/2' to 3"  round and oval.  They have some low profile blanks that can be hard to find.
Eyes Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Apr 28, 2005
I ran across a website that does animal sculptures and they have a unique method for making blank eyes using a ping pong ball holders and plaster of paris. I supose you could use different materials other than plaster of paris. Check it outhttp://www.animalhead.com/eyes.html
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Muppet eyes Posted by RoboChicken777 on Apr 28, 2005
I like the way the eyes look on the muppets. the big roung ball looking eyes. how do i get them to look like those.
Muppet Eyes Posted by Shawn on Apr 28, 2005
You would use one of the blanks you can get at the website I posted above.

The other alternative would be to use a ping pong ball.
Look at the eyes Posted by Iokitek on Apr 29, 2005
Shoepfler Eyes has a nice collection of readily made eyes. And then there is also Mini World Dolls.

But it might not be what you are looking for

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