PuppetsPuppetsPuppets.com Posted by jlucci on Aug 29, 2009
Have any of you guys seen www.puppetspuppetspuppets.com?

The link takes you to an eBay store full of familiar looking puppets, and a familiar location - Desoto, TX

However, the interesting part is - Puppets, Inc. who said they had the rights to Puppet Production's patterns doesn't seem to be involved with puppetspuppetspuppets.com

Re: PuppetsPuppetsPuppets.com Posted by Franklin on Aug 29, 2009
The familiar ones that are given new names are slightly modified as if they bought the puppet and changed out the hair or some little minor changes. I am not thinking they understand the concept of copyright.
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Re: PuppetsPuppetsPuppets.com Posted by Gabriel G on Aug 29, 2009
I saw that a few days ago actually. I actually thought it was Puppets Inc. starting this up for now.
Re: PuppetsPuppetsPuppets.com Posted by jlucci on Aug 30, 2009
hmmm.... After looking at it again, I see that on the eBay listings and the PuppetsInc.com website BOTH say they are Frontier Creations, Inc.

So maybe the two sites are related??

I just found it odd they didn't link them.
Re: PuppetsPuppetsPuppets.com Posted by jomama on Aug 30, 2009
ebay doesn't let you link to a website that sells stuff, unless it is an ebay store. They may be affiliated as they have the same parent company.  I found it interesting how the ebay store had a lot of options for the hand grip. The patented hand grip is the one David Pannebecker developed. I remember him talking about working with PP to allow them to use the design.
Re: PuppetsPuppetsPuppets.com Posted by MsPuppet on Sep 02, 2009
I too found it interesting. One of the former employees has been selling off "used" stock, I assume from their workshops, on Ebay.

BTW - the found of Ebay is a CA gubernatoral (sp?) candidate for 2010. Maybe she can help them make some $.

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