Latest puppet Posted by gav on Sep 12, 2009
I'm a big Rob Zombie fan.  I've been planing for awhile to make puppet versions of the three main characters of  my favorite movies he made. House of a Thousand Corpses and The Devils Rejects.  Here is my first of the three.  This is Captian Spaldingthe easiest of the three.  I plan on Making Otis and Baby sometime next year.  I already have my puppet plate full for the rest of this year.

dvbdf 391
dvbdf 387
Re: Latest puppet Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 12, 2009
Great Likeness............................ and Great Job. Can't wait to see the others.

Billy D.
Re: Latest puppet Posted by gompie on Sep 13, 2009
is rob zombie a movie charater
Re: Latest puppet Posted by miguel on Sep 13, 2009
Well done. Its so like. 
Re: Latest puppet Posted by Shawn on Sep 13, 2009
Which movie is the character from?  I know I just saw the movie not to long ago.  Great job on the puppet!
Re: Latest puppet Posted by Chris Arveson on Sep 13, 2009
Nice puppet, but I think I'll be having some nightmares!
Re: Latest puppet Posted by gav on Sep 13, 2009
Rob Zombie is a heavy metal rock musician who was in the group White Zombie.  I was never a big fan of him at that time.  His music was a little loud for my taste.  Then in around 2003 he made a movie called House of 100 corpses.  It was good not great.  It was his first move into writing and directing. It showed a bit because it had minor issues.  Then he made a sequel that is a in my opinion his godfather classic. From that moment on I've been a big fan of his.  As you can tell if you look at one of my earlier movies on the Butcher puppet I love stuff like that =D  I actually used the Halloween music that coincidentally he remade.  So making the three of them as puppets was always a dream of mine.  Here is a great video of him in partial makeup.  This is one of my favorite scenes and shows why he's so scarry. =)

Oh also here's a teaser pick of the next puppet.  This is Otis Dirftwood
Re: Latest puppet Posted by gav on Sep 13, 2009
LOL!! Looks like i'm not the only fan.  Someone made a Muppets parody of House of a 1000 Corpses.


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