The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 28, 2009
Well it has arrived in two weeks we will have our Epic Sock Off on Stickam.  

When: Sunday October 11, 2009 at 7:00PM EST
Where : **sign up for an account early it takes a day at times to get
Why: Fun Competition watching (or participating) in an hour long Live building of a puppet with pre-determined materials....with prizes for the most creative!

Everyone else enjoys watching, chatting and music.

For those who want to participate here is the list and limits for the sock off:

-1 cardboard box ex. cereal/kleenex box size
-3 bottle caps
-1 paper tube
-1 plastic milk jug
-3 toothpicks
-2 plastic spoons
-1 paper plate
-1 old used t-shirt
-1 egg carton
-1 plastic bag
-2 drinking straw
-2 plastic cup
-2 yogurt Container
-Piece of foil
-Packing peanuts/bubble wrap
-4 twist ties
-2 pipe cleaners
-1 coffee can lid
-12" x 12" fake fur
-1 sheet of fun foam
-20" piece of rope or string
+-1 mystery item---must be a recycled item

Tools allowed:

Glue Gun and sticks

You may use all or just some of the materials....the point of this fun competition is to use everyday items and build a puppet.  We encourage lest amount of money used and really to have fun within the rules.

Please PM me if you are planning on participating on camera for the competition....if you don't have a camera you can do it at home take a picture as soon as the hour is up and post a link in chat for the judges to include it as a winner.

We have 3 prizes from Puppet Mart we will say the first prize is $25.00 to spend on puppet material at Puppet Mart....thanks to alfers.  You will find out the other two if you win.

If you have any other questions please ask away.....

Can't wait to see you all  

Daryl H
Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by neal on Sep 28, 2009
ill be on cam as usual
Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by VampireWombat on Sep 30, 2009
Despite it being on my birthday, I plan to be on cam as usual.
Unless someone happens to kidnap me and forces me to go to some party.
Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by Rcdspoon on Sep 30, 2009
i'll be on camera #3....Spooooon!!!!!
Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Oct 05, 2009
We still have 3 more spots to have some fun on camera......Please let me know if you can do it or not.

This is a lot of fun and a wonderful time to watch people sweat over making a puppet and you will always learn something new......I hope we get a good crowd out for it to cheer on and chat....Nice prizes and original ideas come about.


Daryl H
Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by Bhanu on Oct 06, 2009
Good luck to all the participants & have great fun.

Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Oct 07, 2009
Hello people, Where are you?.....Had many pm's about this sock off and now it seems like a ghost town......I hope we fill the camera's soon and I am looking for some judges for the end of the competition.....I won't be participating this time unfortunatly I am really busy.  I will be there switching camrea's around for all to view and chat as well as provide the music.

Please sign up and have let's have some fun......

Daryl H
Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Oct 11, 2009
With a heavy heart and a major dilemma I am planning to cancel the sock off this weekend and move it forward to November.  I won't be able to do it with one reason my blogtv computer has decided to go on vacation to the repair shop (unimpressing the owner at this stage (happened Saturday)) we will be moving it forward to the month of Nov.  I will have a better date soon enough when I sort out my computer delima.  I am really sorry to have to do this but that is the way things go in life.

My blogtv show will also be canceled on Monday night, unfortunalty, until further notice.

Daryl H
Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by Jon on Oct 11, 2009
Bad news, Daryl.  Hope it doesn't take too long to get the bucket of microchips going again.  I also hope this doesn't set the Frankenstein project back.  We don't want you to miss you dead line and we also don't want to miss any significant part of the the build process.

Daryl, I watched your last to postings on blogtv.  good stuff, very good stuff.

Re: The "Green" Sock Off!!! Posted by VampireWombat on Oct 11, 2009
I was afraid this was going to happen after Frobella told me your computer died.

As many computers as I've heard of dying recently, I'm wondering if there's some conspiracy. >.>

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