"As seen on tv" Posted by AvenueQrazy on Sep 30, 2009
Ok call me crazy but has anyone watched shows like americas got talent, dancing with the stars, or the vma's? I say this because the Muppets have made some big and very random cameos on these shows! Somethings going down.............. I suspect a puppet uprising. Do you think the muppets are preparing for something big???


https://youtu.be/( because of stupid infringements you arent allowed to hear the audio,
but it dosent matter, its just the muppet theme in karaoke)


theres other moments of muppet shenanigans but i cant remember where to find em' right now
Re: "As seen on tv" Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Sep 30, 2009
Disney has killed them and is now trying to perform CPR on the Muppets...lol...they are costing them to much to dust off the puppets every month....lol....yes they are trying to bring them back with a new generation.....Fraggle Rock the movie is being made (rumour has it) even though that has nothing to do with Disney.......not much more has been heard around the rumour mill but it seems that they are wanting to bring more attention to them.

Thanks for the find on that little clip.....nice to see them around here and there.

Daryl H
Re: "As seen on tv" Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Sep 30, 2009
There was a video on you tube of the muppets on this years show but it has been removed. I watched it and it was cool as usual. Here are some photos from the show.


Billy D.

You can here it though

...Chirp the song
Re: "As seen on tv" Posted by AvenueQrazy on Sep 30, 2009
Speaking of america's got talent i still think about the day Terry Fator won the whole thing! Im so thankful that someone who is so naturally talented, with puppets and dummies, was the crowd favorite. Thanks for the imput Stiq, Billy, this muppet thing kept getting more and more peculiar so i thought i'd talk about it.
Re: "As seen on tv" Posted by AvenueQrazy on Sep 30, 2009
Oh and why fraggle rock? Im DIEING for Dark Crystal 2!!!!! have u guys seen this parody of what would "likely" happen?


fyi this is NOT a cruel parody, more of a fanboy spoof. The creator is a big henson fan.

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