How to attach strings to puppet? Posted by cosmo on Nov 03, 2009
hello to the members of this great forum and all the experts around. i got a doll from my friend that he bought when he was in germany.
the problem is that i dont know how to attach the fishing road strings from the white cross to the puppet. i upload a picture of the puppet and the cross. please help a puppet newbie to dance with this little devil (-:.  thnx a lot to all helpers.

Re: How to attach strings to puppet? Posted by Shawn on Nov 03, 2009
Front hole would go to the hands as a run through. That means that you tie to one hand then go up through the hole then down to the other.  The back hole goes to the butt of the puppet. The two outside holes on the cross piece go to the feet or knees if they bend.  The head should have a string in each side near the ears (wait he has no ears!) you get the idea... that goes up to where the pieces cross and get tied off.  This may not be the orginal stringing of the puppet but it should work. 

Rock the control side to side and your puppet walks. Pull down on one string for the run through of the hands and one goes up and the other down.  Pull up on the butt string tilting the control forward and "down" and your puppet bows!

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