I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Pletoo on Dec 10, 2009
I have been put in charge of coming up with the Christmas program for our church and I really could use a couple ideas.
I actually have most of it planned out but have an interesting situation. Our church is small and it just so happens that there are a dozen girls and one solitary boy between the ages of 6 and 13. He is 10 and not really interested in joining the girls in their songs but he is just a little young to be working with the youth group on their presentation.

I am looking for something really special that he could do. He loves doing origami and is really quite good at it. I have seen mention of various paper folding / tearing object lessons but I am not familiar with them. I was thinking it might be neat if I could teach him a couple simple illusions or object lessons that could tie in to the Christmas story, for instance, a wrapped  box that opens out to a cross, but that is all I can think of.

Any ideas or really good resources would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note I am introducing my church to puppets this year and having to overcome the mindset that they are mainly for preschool / special education students. I am also introducing blacklight to them as well - most of them have never seen it, so it ought to be an interesting program - one they will remember.
Re: I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 10, 2009
I like the gift box/cross idea. Now if you can figure it out. Please let us know if he does.

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Billy d.
Re: I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Henry on Dec 10, 2009
You could get him to watch these four instructional videos on how to make a Origami Christmas Nativity scene for home or church. You would need to watch them first to see what items are needed.

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Re: I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 11, 2009
Good one Henry!

Billy D.
Re: I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Pletoo on Dec 11, 2009
Thanks for those ideas and links, they are great! I'll probably use them at some point this season.

The gift / cross idea is really simple - not origami at all. Basically a cube opens out to a cross shape, so it wouldn't be too hard to start with a cube wrapped liked a gift and open it to reveal the cross.

I am sort of hoping to find an object lesson where he can tell a story as he makes or does something, where each step represents an element and the final product makes people say, "aha!"

I guess I am being a bit vague but I will know it when I see it.
Re: I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Angel in Tx on Dec 11, 2009
Have you thought about something like the EvangeCube?


Maybe you could make something like it that tells the Christmas Story.

Angel in TX
Re: I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Dec 14, 2009
Ralph Dewey http://home.flash.net/~balloonz/dewey.htm has a couple of books for very simple paper object lessons.  I have used several of them during our programs.  

I will try to explain one that really gets the "Aha" moment.

On your computer type out two sets of words about the width of an 8.5 x 11 paper, looks great at Christmas with red or green paper. Each word or set of words should be on a separate line. Allow enough space between the two lines to cut the paper. Make the font large enough for people to read.  Allow about 1" of space on each end, so while you are holding the word for the story you don't cover the word.  Example: Two sets of Merry Christmas, or two sets of Christmas or Christmas and Christ, Christmas and Jesus.  Get the idea?  You can either use two identical sets of words or word or use two words that will be related to your story.  You will then cut the paper into two strips that are as close to the same size as the other.  Maybe about 2.5" wide by 8.5" long.

For this example I'm going to use CHRISTMAS and JESUS.

Okay:  so you have printed out CHRISTMAS and JESUS on your paper.  Lay the word CHRISTMAS face down on a table.  On the backside of the paper, on the left hand side, about 1/2" in you will place a rolled piece of tape.  Lay the word JESUS down face up.  You will now have a two sided word paper.  

Now start folding the word JESUS up into a small cube that fits over top your piece of tape.  If you are holding the paper up facing the audience the word CHRISTMAS will face them, your left hand will hold the end of the word and your left thumb will keep the folded cube of paper concealed behind CHRISTMAS.

Now for the story:
      This time of year we see many beautiful symbols of the holidays.  Christmas Lights, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees...(get the idea?  You want to emphasize the word you are showing.  Once you have given about 3-4 examples say....)  Many people get so busy preparing for this time of year they forget why we celebrate. (Then you will begin to repeat your examples, but as you give the examples, tear a strip off the word CHRISTMAS starting at the CH end. Say...) When we see the Christmas Lights maybe we remember that we haven't put our up yet and we get stressed out because of everything we still have to do. (rip the strip off and place it at the end of the word CHRISTMAS, so your left fingers can hold it in front of the paper.)  say...you visit a friends house and see how many presents are under their Christmas tree and you feel sad because your Dad lost his job this year and you only have a few presents or maybe there won't be any presents this year. (rip a a second piece off and place it over the first.  Are you getting the idea.  Use examples that will relate to varies ages, men and women.  Once you have given about 4-5 examples you should have the paper torn so you just have a small stack of paper being held in place by your left fingers while your left thumb is still supporting the folded: JESUS.)

Say....But I have good, no, great news.  Many years ago, when people just like us were busy living their lives, wondering where they might live, would there be enough work next year  or just trying to get though another day... a miracle happened.  Yes, a miracle, something only God can do.  (While you are closing the story, you will fold the torn papers to match the size of the folded JESUS.  Also you will rotate the paper so the folded JESUS is now facing the audience.  They won't notice because you will be talking and folding.  Just look like you are fiddling with the paper.) The book that God wrote, the Bible, tells us about all the wonderful things He did, it says...that He loves us...you and me and everyone else in the world, so much that he sent the answer to all our worries and busyness. (Start unfolding the JESUS word)  The answer has been right here in Christmas all the time.  JESUS.  (AHA MOMENT)

I hope this helps.  You can use this with many words and stories.

Re: I need an idea or two for Christmas Posted by Pletoo on Dec 14, 2009
Yes - that indeed helps, and fits in quite well - thanks so very much!

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