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Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by Jon on Dec 17, 2009
I've digitized the Prairie Dog pattern and have it ready to send out.  Combined with the YouTube videos you should have everything you need to build your own prairie dog.

I'm offering it to P&S members for $15.00 USD.

To order email me at . I will send you a reply via Paypal with instructions for payment and when I have recieved payment I will email you the pattern.
Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by lunchweek on May 16, 2012
Hey, I'm desperately looking for this pattern since two months. I've already contacted Jon about it and he told me he lost the files with his computer.

So, if anyone has bought it before and still has the files, can you please send them to Jon, so I can buy it from him?

Thanks in advance!
Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by jeezbo on May 17, 2012
Ive still got all the prairie dog patterns saved on my laptop if that is any help to both Jon and lunchweek!!
Great patterns and great instructions, this is for anyone wanting another fantastic pattern to add to thier arsenal of simple but very effective puppets!!
im sure this is a great way to donate towards a lovely guy and a brilliant ministry too, so for those of you who are Christians, bless your brother in Christ and buy this pattern, for those of you who arent, buy it anyway, its awesome and you wont be dissapointed!!!!!!!!
Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by lunchweek on May 28, 2012
That's great news!

I've sent him another message via YouTube, telling him that you have the patterns. Hope he answers (he usually doesn't respond to my mails and pm's)I need them so much :/
Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on May 29, 2012

Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by Shawn on May 29, 2012
Jon has not visited the site here for almost a year or at least he has not logged in here.  The best chance of getting in contact with him would most likely be the email addy he posted.
Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by lunchweek on May 29, 2012
He doesn't respond to his e-mails either   
Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by Jon on Dec 28, 2012
Hey guys sorry for all the issues in responding to this.  Puppet building has had to be pretty much put into hibernation for the last year or so.  That being said I would like to have the prairie dog puppet patterns if you could send them to bashfulpuppet@gmail.com.

Also since I really not paying much attention to the blog or anything I am giving permission to those who have the patterns to share them with those who are interested in them.  They are good patterns and instructions but at the same time I haven't been having a lot of requests for them so I'm not losing much money by giving them away.

Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by Shawn on Dec 29, 2012
Good to hear from you Jon! I hope all is well with you.
Re: Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern Posted by Jon on Dec 30, 2012
Jeezbo got the patterns to me so I am able to get them to those that want them.  Andrew has mentioned something about making them available through his website.  I'll try and work that out with him.  Until then I'll fulfill requests via email.

Shawn:  Things are going well just a bit busy at times.  I'm a pastor and my church responsiblities increased by about 1/3 a few years ago.  At the same time the puppet ministry fizzled which resulted in a lot of pressure to do things not puppet related and no pressure puppet related.  And the squeaky wheel gets the grease as the saying goes and that's my story.  I still have some puppet plans I just have to figure out how to fit them into the rest of my life.

I'll post an announcement if anything changes regarding the patterns.

Thanks for you patience


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