Help! Posted by miguel on Jan 02, 2010
Hi, Guys! You've been so helpful to me since I start this art(I grow up a lot thanks to you).

But still, a lot to learn from you guys. That's why I'm asking you for help again.

This is the thing: I want to build a pink panther puppet, and I need help for head pattern, body, hands, and others advise for this project. Your help would mean a lot for me.

Thanks again, hoping you can still help me with this

Re: Help! Posted by miguel on Jan 04, 2010
Any help?
Re: Help! Posted by cvzdesign on Jan 05, 2010
Your cow pattern is probably a good start for the head.
If I remember right, Pink Panther is really just long tubes for the body and arms and legs.
Sorry if that's not much help.
Re: Help! Posted by miguel on Jan 05, 2010
Thanks for the help. I though that, but it will work if would have long cheeks like pink panter has.


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