Perception... Posted by dacostasr on Jan 14, 2010
In my class I always talk about "perception" other people see I was taught something.  I had the body to my new puppet sitting on my desk and a student said that looks like fozzie bears head.  THen I looked at it and said you know, you're right...if I turned the shoulders sideways they would look like ears...

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Message Image I have an animal head and wouldn't have known it. If you look at my "while I wait" post you will see the template for the body which can be modified for an animal head.


Re: Perception... Posted by Wonderologist on Jan 15, 2010
Ha Ha ha! Your friend is right, I can totally see Fozzie bear in that shape now.  The hard part, that I can see would be making the mouth. You know, I always liked how Fozzie's ears wiggled. Perhaps we could come up with a way to make cute wiggly ears. 

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