Project Puppet Forma Series Posted by lovable puppet pals on Mar 01, 2010
Hey guys and gals,
Just a question about the Project Puppet Forma Series.  I've used these before, but I'm wondering if you all have covered them with fleece, without getting their fabric cover pattern...and if you like that.  I've got two rotundo pattern heads together for the foam, but I want to cover with fleece...I'm just debating if I like to do it myself or to order the fleece pattern.  Also, by looking at the fleece pattern pics on their site, it looks like that mouth plate is glued in after the that how it's done?  If it is that way, do you actually like that?
Any insight on these patterns and process would be great!
Re: Project Puppet Forma Series Posted by miguel on Mar 02, 2010
if you don't want to burn your brain(in the good sense  ), and save time in that itself, I would say, buy it. Its worthy (I have it), it fit really well. But, if you thinking to save money and have a lot of patience, just do it yourself.

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