Choir Puppets Posted by Angel in Tx on Apr 01, 2010
After the quartet,,5451.0.html I had to build a choir.  These are all for the same show.  We'll be performing in May. I hope to get a video of it!  Actually it's just one song! LOL A lot of work for that, but they will be used again and again I'm sure.



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The coolest thing that happened while making these is a friend was at a yard sale and picked up the grandma wig for 50 cents!!!  I was originally going to make the grandma have a bun, but when she showed up with that, I decided to use the wig instead.  It turned out perfect!

Again I made my own costumes (they are removable) and my own patterns.   I am loving using my own patterns.  The sky is the limit!

On these guys I used something different for each one's eyes.  The brown puppet's eyes are made from fun foam, the grandma's eyes are plastic spoons, the small blue boy's eyes are shrinky dinks, and the large blue guy's eyes are yellow foam practice golf balls painted white.  The pupil's are all painted on.

I love making puppets, except for one thing.  I hate making the hands! LOL so tedious to me.  And what do you know?  Every single one of them has two!!!
Re: Choir Puppets Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Apr 01, 2010
Great Job once again.  I have to say in the past year you have shown a flair for imagination and character in your puppet building. I really enjoy them. Thank you for sharing.

Billy D.
Re: Choir Puppets Posted by April Dawne on Apr 01, 2010
You know, I happen to agree with you a bit about the hands! They are very tedious to stitch (I still do it all by hand), especially trying to go around the fingers! Nice puppets, by the way! They all look nice!
Re: Choir Puppets Posted by LJ on Apr 01, 2010
Nice choir!  I'm sure they will sing just as nicely!
Re: Choir Puppets Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Apr 02, 2010
Great job...hands yikes....I dread them even though I am good at them they are to much work....well keep building the puppet collection and you said....will be reused again and again.

Thanks for sharing...

Daryl H
Re: Choir Puppets Posted by Chris Arveson on Apr 02, 2010
They look terrific! They're welcome to sing in my church, anytime.
Re: Choir Puppets Posted by Rosie H on Apr 02, 2010
These puppets make me very happy! You did a really great job. 

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