Puppet team video Posted by MsPuppet on May 03, 2010
Here are a couple of videos from a team I helped start and train several years ago.  They really are dedicated to what they do (I can't take credit for anything  - I only encourage, sell them puppets, and make suggestions).


They won a platinum award from One Way Street this year. Here is their performance there:

Re: Puppet team video Posted by LJ on May 04, 2010
Thanks for sharing! I had heard that they gave out a platinum award this year!  I am glad you shared it with us! How exciting for your team!! You guys must put in LOTS of practice!!
Re: Puppet team video Posted by David on May 04, 2010
clever stuff.

love that elvisness at the beginning
Re: Puppet team video Posted by MsPuppet on May 05, 2010
LJ - I really have nothing to do with how good they are. They are a church team in a neighboring town. The director is a long time friend, I helped her start a team at another church, then she moved to this one and we worked together again.

They do spend a lot of time practicing and they continue to amaze me. They just hosted a Puppet workshop in Spanish, and had an awesome turnout for a first time event (around 100). They asked me to help judge the competition, but I was out of town, so my daughter helped them out.

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