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Findig fur, any suggestions? looking for specific fur.... Posted by Skelemo on Jul 19, 2010

I'm looking for a specific fur that used to be readily available in canadian fabric lands but as since dissapeared? It was referred to as "fancy fur" and it was really colorful, shaggy fur.....I'm trying to find the bright purple and olive green colors, I have made other things out of this fabric and it was really easy to sew, and I can't find similar colors (or anything with the same feel) anywhere!

Any suggestions on where to look? anywhere that could ship it to me fast?
Re: Findig fur, any suggestions? looking for specific fur.... Posted by Chris Arveson on Jul 19, 2010
Try Mendel's http://www.mendels.com/fur2.shtml. They have a lot of great stuff!
Re: Findig fur, any suggestions? looking for specific fur.... Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 19, 2010
I'm not for sure but I think what you are referring to was not actually a fur but a fur like fleece fabric called furry fleece or fuzzy fleece. It was quite popular for a while. It had common uses in stuffed toys, blankets, etc. I'm not sure but it seems to be hard to find except in a few colors. I found a few places. You could most likely buy it in white and dye it purple or green. Is this the stuff you are looking for?





There was another furry fleece that came out about the same time and it was called FLURR fabric it was furry on both sides and was used to make blankets and socks. Each side was furry but had different look to it.



Billy D.

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