uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by jeezbo on Nov 10, 2010
Hey guys, i have been trying for years to make a ventriloquists mask, with many clay prototypes, i have made quite a few that i wasn't very happy with, but have now made a mask that i think looks alright, so I'm posting some pix up for you all to tell me what you think, and if i am on to a winner, i will cast it in fibreglass and put the mechanism in to enable the mouth to open via a cable control!!

                       Photo0756        Photo0757         Photo0758        Mask

i wanted to create a mask myself rather than buy one of the brilliant ones that already exist to purchase, only because i get a greater satisfaction from using something that i have made. i love to come up with the mechanisms myself and i always find it a great experience to learn and discover new ways of doing things and better my puppet building in the process, after all, this is why we come to p&s!! i also wanted it to look different from other masks.

so please tell me what you think.

Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by Shawn on Nov 10, 2010
I think it looks great!  I say go for it! 
Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by LJ on Nov 10, 2010
I agree - it looks great! Keep us posted with the progress.  Can't wait to see the final product.
Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Nov 10, 2010
Looks like most of the mechanical mask I have seen.

Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by Donald Woodford on Nov 10, 2010
It's a winner!!!
Show us more, as you progress.
Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by Skand on Nov 10, 2010
The smooth aspect of your masks is really great! I also like the design of the smile

But the fiberglass is a NO-NO for me for healthy reasons.
The primary fiber in fiberglass is glass, but it also contains a resin binder that releases formaldehyde and dyes. In recent years, it has been found that contact, particularly inhalation of the small fibers and fumes, can cause health problems. The binding resin in fiberglass may inflame the soft tissues of your throat if you inhale it. This inflammation can cause a soreness in your nose and throat and may lead to a lot of coughing as you try and clear your throat of the irritation.
Inhaling fiberglass can aggravate other existing health conditions, like asthma and bronchitis. The irritation of the fiberglass in your throat can trigger an asthma attack or make breathing even harder if you have bronchitis.
And last but not least fiberglass is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.

I suggest using something else. Leather for example or maybe you can try paper mache with wheat paste. It is strong, soft, very light and you're quite sure not to die using it.
Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by jeezbo on Nov 11, 2010
WOW!!! thanks for the info and warning, the only reason that in using fibreglass and polyesther resin is because of its strength and lightness, papermache will not do the same job unfortunately and neither will leather, there has to be a brass tube mechanism attached to it and the entire mask itself needs to be able to withstand quite alot of force and be strong enough to last. i have used these products before and actually have a workshop with a fantastic ventilation system in it, plus i always use the proper masks and safety measures.

i have looked into other products, but until i find something that can do the same job, fibreglass will have to be an option.

also, once the fibreglass, resin and gelcoat have cured, and the mask is properly sanded and treated, the whole fibreglass mask will be completely harmless, this is how Lou Hilario and wanlu lunaria do their masks, plus many ventriloquist doll makers!!

if anyone has any other products they could suggest, then I'm all ears.

thank you again for the insight Skand.

Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by Shawn on Nov 11, 2010
See if you can find information on carbon fiber.... I think that is right.  It is what the makers and puppet builders for "Lion King" use now.  I may be off on the name.  I have not used it but have heard good things about it.
Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by Edwardfaith on Jul 01, 2014
Just wanna ask how is uour mask now. I want to make one too
Re: uglymug ventriloquist mask!!! Posted by jeezbo on Jul 07, 2014
Hello, well the 'uglymug mask' was a bit of an experiment and a great learning experience and I'm sure I will get back to that design in the future, but since I have moved on to a different design and called 'the chatterbox mask' and have since sold quite a few. If I can remember how I will post up a picture of one for you to see!! it now has some goofy teeth, but that is the only change to the pictures you see, and obviously they are painted with skin tones, highlights and lowlights to the face and a few inner mouth details.

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