Uk Airbrushing Posted by working.lights on Nov 25, 2010
If anyone in the uk is looking at buying equipment for airbrushing the compressor can be quite expensive one of the cheapest around is from a company called axminster tools they are on the web and they sell two compressors that are designed for airbrushing see links below.

I have been using the CP-101 for about 2 years now and have never had a problem. As for the airbrush I have one made made by revell other good makes are badger and aztec I believe.

As far a paint goes I use products from a company caled Vallejo their paints are available in most good model shop and the model air range (93 colours in the range) is specially formulated for airbrushes no thinning required. They are a waterbased acrylic paint with a high pigment ratio, they also sell an airbrush thinner which you can use to thin your own paint. The paint comes in 18ml bottles with a dropper on the end so you can measure out small amounts and are generally about £2 each.

Hope this help.
Re: Uk Airbrushing Posted by Shawn on Nov 25, 2010
Thanks for the UK resource!  Sources can be so different compared to the US so it is nice to have this as reference for other puppeteers in the UK.

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