Black light fabric and puppet things Posted by on Dec 02, 2010
I found a great site that sells black light fabric but does anyone else have any sites or ideas.  They are a little expensive I think other than bringing a small blacklight flashlight to the fabric store I don't know how to get cool fabric.  Does anyone have any ideas or resources to share?
Re: Black light fabric and puppet things Posted by LJ on Dec 02, 2010
Julie from Out of the Box is a member here on the forum! She makes GREAT stuff!!  I do always carry my little black light flashlight with me so I can test EVERYTHING in a store - I often get very strange looks but it is the only way to go!  The nice thing about Julie's fabric is that you will KNOW it is going to work and often you don't need a ton of it - practice with other fabric first and then once you know what you want to make then make it out of the neon fabric. I just found a whole bunch of black light reflective fabric in the Walmart clearance section for 2 dollars a yard - I had my flashlight with me so I could tell.  That is still the best way - oh and during the summer months check the swim suit fabric.
Re: Black light fabric and puppet things Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Dec 02, 2010
    Thanks for the referral and business.  We appreciate it very much.  I do understand needing things as low cost as possible.  We'd be happy to help you locate other blacklight products.  LJ is right...the best way to locate good deals on blacklight fabric and other items it to always carry around a hand held blacklight.  I prefer the Chauvet brand.  It is a regular fluorescent not LED.  You can purchase them from or  One Way Street also carries blacklight fleece and blacklight puppets. also carries blacklight fabric, trims and assessories.  If you'd looking for something specific let me know I try to keep track of other sources, so I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Right now is having a sale on their hunter orange fleece.  They have two other solids called utility fabric  They have yellow and orange.  The Orange seems to be out of stock online, but I saw some in our local store, so you might check in store if you have one.  It would be good for making cloths. has cool stuff also.  Walmart and Academy sells blacklight orange and yellow T-Shirt sometimes. Check garage sales, you'd be surprised what will glow.

As far as our are welcome to purchase 1/2 yds also and yes, I personally pick the colors we carry because I like to use fabrics that really glow well. Meaning if the blacklight is more that a few feet away it still glows.  Right now we have a few yellow fleece remnants in stock that are more than 50% off and we try to put our spandex colors on sale every few months. 

Chris, I'll mail you our samples sheet that way if you decide you need something in the future you will be able to check the colors with the project you are working on.

Hope this helps. Keep the blacklight handy and happy puppet building.  Let me know if we can help in any other way.

ps..Thanks LJ for the kind words. Your awesome!

Re: Black light fabric and puppet things Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Dec 02, 2010
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff.......................... While it is always good to find a bargain, Julie from out of the box puppets prices are pretty much competitive with in market prices for black light supplies.

Re: Black light fabric and puppet things Posted by Shawn on Dec 03, 2010
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff!  Wow now that is service!  To have a company that sells something give you other suggestions of where to get the same thing is pretty amazing!  Then again I am not surprised.  The members here make me so proud to have them in our community. Again Welcome!
Re: Black light fabric and puppet things Posted by Angel in Tx on Dec 03, 2010
I second all of the above advice and can say first hand Julie is AWESOME!!
Re: Black light fabric and puppet things Posted by on Dec 03, 2010
You all are the best! I think I'll start practicing my puppet making/sewing skills before I make any major fabric purchase.  I am dying to see how Julie's fabric lights up under black light.  I'm new to this all and I'm really exited to meet a whole bunch of people out there like me.  I'm glad I'm glad I'm not the only adult that still plays with dolls all..

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