Community Television Resource Posted by Henry on Dec 29, 2010
Hi Puppet and Stuff friends,

Recently I finished a children's TV show called Story Time which is currently airing on community TV here in Australia.

A friend of mine said why stop at Australia and to start contacting other country's to see if they would be interested in airing the show.

Good idea only when I started to look at other country's Community TV stations IE: USA they have many stations listed and it looks very confusing to an outsider like me.

So I thought we could start "The Puppets and Stuff Community Television Resource" where we list all the channels in our country's that support community made programs.

This way any user who makes there own videos for TV will have an instant resource should they decide to go global.

Allow me to start with the ones I know of in Australia.

C31 Melbourne -
West TV Perth -
C31 Adelaide -
31 Brisbane -
TVS Sydney -

Please add the stations you know of in your country not just for me but the rest of P&S.

Thank You.
Re: Community Television Resource Posted by Andrew on Dec 29, 2010
This is a very good idea and would be a good resource, however the potential problem is that most Community TV stations in North America are mandated to air content from their local communities (or those nearby) by federal regulations. For example, here in Canada your show couldn't be considered for most (if not all) community stations because it is a foreign program. The rules are less strict in the US I believe, but from what I've been told the same principle more or less applies.

What about posting episodes of your show online and sharing it with a global audience that way?
Re: Community Television Resource Posted by Henry on Dec 30, 2010
Thank you for replying Andrew.

I came across the Canadian regulations when making contact with your comunity channel Eastlink however they are looking into what they can do at this stage so fingers crossed.

I do have the episodes available on-line but still perfer the old medium of TV over on-line especially when producing Kids TV.

The TV networks have regulations and you don't need high speed web access to enjoy viewing a program.

I also think TV would deliver my program to an new audience.

Please list your Canadian channels Andrew as the more stations we list on P&S the better this reference will be for future readers.

PS: My on-line episodes are found here:

Just click on the pictures under the heading Catchup TV!

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