Yay! Posted by nall29 on Mar 06, 2011
here is a new made by fans for fans! this was the latest update from here is a full quote.
"The Muppet fan base has grown over the last couple of years. With Disney set to release the new Muppet Movie in November, it is only assumed that it’ll grow substantially.

With that said, Steve Swanson from The Muppetcast has just announced a new website in town called and was created by fans for fans!

Drop by for all the latest Muppet news, information, and entertainment!" Enjoy!
Re: Yay! Posted by FraggleFan on Mar 06, 2011
Thanks for posting this, just checked out the site, it's great.  So glad the Muppets back in the spotlight...are the Fraggles next? lol
Re: Yay! Posted by Shawn on Mar 07, 2011
I think there is a new project involving the Fraggles on the work table.... Now where did I read about that. 
Re: Yay! Posted by Shawn on Mar 07, 2011
Thought so:
Re: Yay! Posted by nall29 on Mar 07, 2011
cool! thats so neat!

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