Costume Sale Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Jun 14, 2011
Hey everyone.  I thought I'd pass this on to everyone.  This is from the owner of The Gorilla Factory.  I have seen some of their costumes and they are very high quality.  If you can't use one, please pass this information along.  Thanks.

HELLO All:: I just wanted to let everyone know that for a short time I will be doing a sale on characters. Buy one costume at
regular price (which ever is the most costly) and get a second one at half price.. Now is the time to get those costumes you have been wanting!!!
After spending 23 days last month in the hospital I really need to create some sales!!! We believe everything is going to be OK
now, and I can get back to doing some work as usual!!
I would really appreciate it if you that an email list you would forward this to as many as possible.
Many thanks, may GOD richly BLESS you and your ministries
Dwight Hitsman  The Gorilla Factory    918-355-2936


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