Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by Shawn on Dec 31, 2011
Thought I would share this video with everyone. While I can't understand the German routine the visuals and manipulation is worth it.

Never seen his work before but found him because of the "Dinner for One" video that Rikka has posted about in another thread. I wonder if he makes his own puppets or if someone makes them for him. He does have a website.  It is a flash site so it may be sluggish for those on slower connections.
Re: Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by Rikka on Dec 31, 2011
S.G: "Would you like to introduce yourself?"
Puppet:"What's the magic word?"
S.G.:"Please." (irritated)"Would you please introduce yourself?"
Puppet: "A little more friendly, please!"
S.G:: "Would you please be so kind as to tell us your name?"
Puppet: "Now I don't feel like it anymore!"
S.G.: (even more bugged out): "Ladys and Gentlemen may I introduce..."
Puppet (slapps his hand on S.G.s mouth): "Frederic"
S.G.: (mumbling due to the hand on his mouth): "Frederic, would you take your hand off my mouth?"
Puppet: "Are you a vet?"
S.G.: "no"
Puppet: "So take your hand out off my butt!"
*laughter and applause*
S.G.: "Yes... now that we talked about it...I will think about it."
Puppet: "Frederic. My name is Frederic."
S.G.: "go on..."
Puppet: "Don't you rush me!"
S.G.: "You are supposed to say your last name."
*puppet clears its throat*
Puppet: "Frederic baron of furrowswamp."
S.G.: "So you're noble!"
Puppet: "Yes, my father was an eagle!" (In German: Adel, adlig= Nobility, noble; Adler= Eagle)
S.G.: "And your mother?"
Puppet: "pheasant"
S.G.: "I believe that. It is visible in a basic approach."
S.G.: "And why is it you're wearing those... let's say ridiculus sun glases?"
Puppet: "They are not ridiculus. They are cool!"
S.G.: "You look like Heino!" (Famous folk singer in Germany. He suffers from basedow- syndrome, so he wears black glases in public since the 70's. It is become something like a trademark for him. But he is not considered cool.)
*long silence*
S.G.: "a bit... seen sideways... if you squeezy your eyes shut"
*puppet starts smoking*
Puppet: "Heino! You mean the guy who could sing so high pitched as a kid???"
*grabbing S.G.s nose*
S.G.: "no, that is Heintje." (Famous kidstar in postwar Germany)
Puppet: "Bullsh**t, Heintje is the walrus of the NDR!" (Local TV- and Radiostation in Norther Germany, their mascot was a walrus, their logo still shows her)
S.G.: "The walrus of the NDR was called Antje!"
Puppet: "No, Antje is your neighbour."
S.G.: "That's Cordula!"
Puppet: "Looks like Antje, though!"
S.G.: (mumbling): Well I have to say Cordula is...
Puppet: "Fat!"
S.G.: "Nice!" (German: fett= fat, nett= nice)
Puppet: "nice."
S.G.: "nice." Silence "And she looks... like she fell from heaven" (or sky, in German there is only one word for both)
Puppet: "Yeah, flat on her face!"
S.G.: "Cordula..."
Puppet: "yes"
S.G.: "yes. Never did anything to you!"
Puppet: "She did. She teased me."
S.G.: "You teased her."
Puppet: "I didn't"
S.G.: "You did so! You said to her..."
Puppet: "well, I just said she should smoothen out her stockings"
S.G.: "But you didn't know..."
Puppet: "I didn't know she was wearing any!"
S.G.: "And you are wondering why she teases you! Now you take off those glases"
*starts pulling glases off*
Puppet: "Stop it, stop it!"
*mumble I didn't get*
*Puppet shows closed eyes. Laughter*
Puppet: "Where have the people gone to?"
S.G.: "What?" *laughs* "all still there, you just have to open your eyes"
Puppet: *in a squeeky little voice, hiding his eyes* "No!"
S.G.: "Please!"
Puppet: "No!"
S.G.: "please, please!"
Puppet: "no! no!"
S.G.: "why not?"
Puppet: "I...I am ashamed!"
*he opens eyes, laughter*
Puppet: "now everybody is laughing at me again!"
S.G.: "You are ashamed for being crosseyed?"
Puppet: "ya..."
S.G.: "You need not be ashamed for being crosseyed. First you appologize for being cheeky and everybody will be fine!"
Puppet: "You think so?"
S.G.: "Yes"
Puppet: "Wilfried as well?"
S.G.: "Yes"
Puppet: "Don't know what to say!"
S.G.: "I will help you. You could say: Please excuse me for being cheeky..."
Puppet: "I should say what?"
S.G.: "Please excuse me for being cheeky..."
*looking around, people laughing*
S.G.: "Hello?!"
Puppet: "Don't rush me!.... Excuse me for being cheeky."
Puppet: "Say, Sascha... has anybody ever told you that you are a real great ventroquilist?" (German: Bellytalker)
S.G.: looking flattered: "no"
Puppet: "Well, you better ask yourself why, then!"

Any mistakes found may be kept (finders keepers). I made the translation, so I am responsible...
We just had our New Year starting here.
Re: Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by RYMANOFSTEEL on Dec 31, 2011
Rikka... you are pretty awesome! This must have taken a while to type up!
Re: Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by Rikka on Dec 31, 2011
Sascha Grammel has a show and appears frequently in a comedy show. I didn't find anything on his homepage or the German Wiki on him whether he builds his puppets himself or not.
Re: Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by Rikka on Dec 31, 2011
Thank you . I just thought since I do speak German I might as well. It's a pity that the show is quite local, so Heino, Heintje and Antje are nothing to foreigners. And well: I began typing this 2011 and ended 2012 (I did take my break to watch the neighbourhood fireworks, exchange greetings and sip a bit of chamagne)
Re: Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by Shawn on Jan 01, 2012
Thank you so much for translating the routine! They really are funny.   I agree that it is a pity that he is local. I would wager to say that he is as good as Jeff Dunham.
Re: Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by Rikka on Jan 01, 2012
Thanks. It was fun to have something useful to do! ;-)
He has got other puppets he works with, but since we do get American comedy somebody who wants a show here has to be local, I guess. There is so much (and so great) American comedy (I am just junking through "Frazier") one has to be local to compete, I think.
Re: Sascha Grammel German Ventriloquist Posted by LJ on Jan 01, 2012
You were absoulutely right that the manipulation and actions are amazing and now we have the translation too! WOW! What a great community we have here! Thanks Shawn and Rikka!!

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