Paint? Posted by CJ Puppets on Mar 20, 2012
I'm looking to test out some new ideas and I want to try airbrushing on Antron. Has anyone tried it? I'm wondering what kind of paint to use. Thoughts?
Re: Paint? Posted by Na on Mar 20, 2012,7172.msg64024.html#msg64024

Conveniently apt....
Re: Paint? Posted by cjwalas on Mar 20, 2012
Thanks, Na, for posting that link!  I've been doing airbrushing just recently on a few puppets. It can be done, but what you want to achieve with airbrushing may be limited. Rosy cheeks and general shading are no problem, but getting an even straight fine line is a challenge. I've used a couple of different paints now and they have all worked well enough. All were acrylics of some sort, but I mixed some of them with a water-based urethane for strength. I would definitely suggest testing (and practicing) airbrushing on fleece before you try it on a puppet. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

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