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Figureing out pattern for a rounded shape Posted by Shawn on May 25, 2012
While this is not an actual pattern I thought it was very helpful in explaining how you can pattern out a shape you want. This tutorial is actually part of a tutorial on making a corset for oneself. It used the skin of oranges to try and explain how you can section out the breast area of a corset.

Here is the video tutorial that shows how a duct tape "model" of a dress dummy is cut into the sections to create a pattern.  She mentions the above video within this tutorial.

I think both of these really help you understand the basics of how to break down the shapes.  Granted it is for a garment but if you can use this to start seeing the shapes then I think you are on the road to creating your own shapes and patterns for puppets!

This all came to be because I am working on a new project for a mascot and I really wanted to try the method of sculpting the basic shape I wanted out of clay and then taping it off and cutting up the pieces to get a pattern.  I was struggling a bit with sectioning things out and finding this helped me to understand it all a bit more.  Yes that is right folks even I struggle with things. In the past I've always simply sculpted and built full size with my poly foam in a more organic way.  That works but as I always say there is more then one way to do something and I wanted to try one. 
Re: Figureing out pattern for a rounded shape Posted by Gary Sorrell on May 25, 2012
Thanks for these links Shawn. This is really good timing, as im working on my own pstterns.

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