puppet retreats? Posted by yalaurie on Jul 19, 2012
After reading the review of the puppet school in LA (see here http://puppetsandstuff.com/community/index.php/topic,7513.msg68751.html#new) I was thinking more on the main reason why I wanted to take the course. I wanted to be connected to other puppet makers out there. I live in Vegas, and I haven't come across anyone else who does this type of thing here. My family is super crafty and are always making something. And my sister, mom and I go on annual retreats for quilting. Basically a group of about 20 people, take over a hotel meeting room for a weekend and just quilt. (Correction, they quilt, I make puppets and freak out all the old ladies.)  We have a fabulous time. Lot's of projects. Lots of food.

Since we are a crafty bunch, we have tossed around the idea of opening a shop to provide a space for crafter to come in, and teach classes tho those who want to learn. One of the things we are going to offer is sewing retreats like the ones we have been on. BUT, now that I think about it, it would be great to have a puppet makers retreat too. I would love to see other people's process when working. Would anyone be interested in doing something like that? Or are you guys all content in your studios making things solo? 
Re: puppet retreats? Posted by Shawn on Jul 19, 2012
I am sure that if you offered it and there where other puppeteers in your area that they would be interested in it. I don't think there are any local guilds in  your area but there are some in California and Arizona http://www.puppeteers.org/community/regions-guilds/  Perhaps you could draw from some of those communities.  You could at least contact Nat Reed who is the regional director and see they could give you some contacts.
Re: puppet retreats? Posted by yalaurie on Jul 19, 2012
awesome thanks! I didn't know there were guilds. Fun stuff!
Re: puppet retreats? Posted by Na on Jul 20, 2012
Don't forget UNIMA USA
Re: puppet retreats? Posted by Gabriel G on Jul 20, 2012
The guilds are great. I am a part of the SF Bay Area Guild and also the Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers. Great opportunities to connect with "unique" puppet people
Re: puppet retreats? Posted by MsPuppet on Jul 29, 2012
Have you ever attended I-fest or MAX?  It is a whole week of puppeteers getting together, classes, performances, etc.  You can check them out at http://www.creativemin.com 
Not totally puppet making all the time, but there are extra classes every day that you can take, and I took lots regarding puppet and prop making.
Re: puppet retreats? Posted by yalaurie on Aug 01, 2012
awesome! thanks!

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