Cosplay Posted by Shawn on Jul 20, 2012
While this really has nothing to do with puppetry I still think some will enjoy it.  

Re: Cosplay Posted by melaine9 on Jul 20, 2012
Too Funny. Thanks Shawn.
Re: Cosplay Posted by Puppetainer on Jul 22, 2012
Awesome! I would expect that Rikka would enjoy this quite a bit too.
Re: Cosplay Posted by Lizzies Lair on Jul 23, 2012
That was gold! Thanks for the share Shawn.
Re: Cosplay Posted by Rikka on Jul 23, 2012
"glutein intolerance"! Loved it... but didn't have time to watch it yet... totally wrapped up in upcoming events. More later...
Re: Cosplay Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 24, 2012
Thanks Shawn!
Re: Cosplay Posted by Lola on Jul 24, 2012
So. Awesome. ... Seriously!

I have joked the last few years that if there ever actually is a zombie outbreak, it's going to start at comic con. I always take a multi-vitamin, and extra vitamin c when I go, but every year I have friends who come back and are sick as dogs.

It's sad, but most people don't cover their mouths when they cough or their nose when they sneeze. Last year, I had a friend who came back will full blown pneumonia. It's wall to wall people on the floor at certain times (literally packed together) trying to navigate the floor, and one sneeze is all you need to take out 20+ people at a time.

I have two friends who are still out sick, post con, and I am going to post to their pages. THANKS!
Re: Cosplay Posted by Rikka on Jul 25, 2012
It might be the stress, too. That really wrecks your immune system. And people kind of don't allow themselves to be sick before/during a special occiasion. I met my first boyfriend in Canada, even though he was from Norway. He came for Christmas and I had a bit of a cold just before, but it went away. When he was gone, there was my bronchitis, a lot worse then before. Doc said I delayed it and made it worse...

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