Curtis L. Wiebe Posted by Shawn on Jul 27, 2012
This is a cool interview with Curtis L. Wiebe puppet and prop maker.  It was actually filmed by his bother Marlon aka Mr. M. Wiebe.

And here is just one video featuring not only him but his creations.

Re: Curtis L. Wiebe Posted by Chris Arveson on Jul 27, 2012
"Then maybe my films aren't for you..." I like that quote. Mr. Wiebe knows what he wants to do, and enjoys doing it, even if it isn't for everyone. So there are arm rods...these puppets are real, not cgi. I love cgi, but I love puppets more. CGI Yoda just never made it for me in the Star Wars saga, I was far more impressed with the puppetry skills involved in the original Yoda than the computer skills for the latter. But that's just me,  .
Re: Curtis L. Wiebe Posted by Rikka on Jul 28, 2012
Not only you, Chris. When I saw CGI Yoda for the first time I almost cried. Puppet Yoda was my favorite Character in episodes IV to VI, safe for Obi Wan, maybe. I really want to be your partner, Mr. Wiebe. And thanks, Shawn!
Re: Curtis L. Wiebe Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Jul 28, 2012
Great find Shawn! I Loved it.

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