How do you prefer to perform? Posted by Chris Arveson on Aug 07, 2012
A thread on another topic has led me to wonder, How do you prefer to perform? For quite a while, I was trying to put together the resources to do video, like so many folks here do, and do so very well. What I finally came to realize, was that I am a ham, I love the applause. Well, really, I like hearing the immediate feedback from the audience when I perform live. Most of my puppetry videos on Youtube are just of live performances.

Video has unique challenges, as does live audience. I guess the ultimate would be to perform for video, but have a live audience as well. At any rate, I'm wondering about you folks that perform. Do you like or prefer to do video, or do you like performing for live audiences, or is some of each? Just curious.
Re: How do you prefer to perform? Posted by Rcdspoon on Aug 10, 2012
Personally, I can do both live and video.... I do love the immediate reaction from people with the puppet but I also like the privacy a video can provide the puppeteer as well. Plus you can go back and watch it over and over again as well.



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